Boss GE-7 Equalizer
Boss GE-7 Equalizer
Countdown 07/21/2012

Boss GE-7 Equalizer : Countdown's user review

«  Perfect! »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Analog 7-band equalizer, pouvu a volume of + / -15 dB (very handy!)
Format Boss (12.5 x7), very robust, as usual at home!
A IN A OUT, 8 small fader and basta!

I bought it from Cygnus with a blue LED, which changes a little red "classic"!


I use it in my effects loop, first ... then directly after the preamp.
It is useful to me in 2 ways:
First to "improve" the EQ of the amp ... or at least a tad correct settings!
But also to boost the volume of a part of a song (not just a solo).
And it does it correctly!

It can be used just after a disto to "play" on the settings of it! Personally, I use only the distortion of my amp, so ...


No coloration. This pedal is really transparent.
It is easy to see when everything is at zero, it does not feel anything when the pedal switches. To this point, that's fine.

Attention to the effectiveness of adjustments! This has already been said, certainly, but I confirm it by repeating it. It's really hyper sensitive ...

In summary, large palette of sounds on this .... équalo Zique all styles will be affected by the use of it.


I already try a Danelectro "Fish n 'chips", whose characteristics are identical (7 strips + level). To compare the two, the Danelectro was very good for the price (Cygnus: 25 euros FDP IN!), But it is too small and the switch is "crap" if you please
Like it or not, Boss's still a reference for strength and quality ... no offense to his critics!
QPR = flawless!