Boss GE-7 Equalizer
Boss GE-7 Equalizer
denied 07/31/2011

Boss GE-7 Equalizer : denied's user review

« Avoid this one »

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- 7 bands of Greaphic EQ
- 1 volume/gain slider
- Solid Boss style construction
- Powered by 9v Battery or boss style adapter
- Easy access battery compartment
- Buffered bypass
- LED battery indicator


Pretty much a standard graphic EQ. Sliders for 7 bands give you a pretty solid amount of control over your tone. The volume slider is a really nice addition, and makes it a lot easier to use the pedal as a boost. Compact boss style size makes it nice and easy to fit on every board. The advantage of Boss pedals is that they are incredibly common and can be picked up on the road in the unlikely event that they break. The easy access battery compartment means you don’t need to unscrew the entire back plate if you’re using batteries (but seriously, you shouldn’t be using batteries..)
Run it after your guitar to control the tone going into your amp. It works really well after dirt pedals to fine tune what they do to your signal. Run it in an effects loop if you are after an additional EQ channel, or fine tuning your amp.


Here’s where this pedal falls apart. Possibly one of the very noisiest pedals I’ve used. Yes, the sliders work as they should, and it will help you get some control over your tone. But in any kind of higher gain or compressed situation, you are going to get all kinds of buzz and feedback. I was really not impressed with this one. And as always, the Boss buffer is really not the best. If you have any interest in preserving a carefully constructed tone, I’d pass on the GE7.


I’d recommend passing on this one. Excess noise and a subpar buffer make it a pretty mediocre pedal. graphic EQ is one of the most overused effects among guitarists. If you really do need a GEQ and run a clean signal without much compression, this one will do the job (loosely speaking). But if you’re after anything of better quality, or run a noisier setup, I’d look into the MXR pedals. Far better built and priced pretty reasonably. I also recommend taking a look at parametric EQs, as they can be a lot more useful. The BJFE Sea Blue EQ and Fromel Shape EQ are some really nice ones. But regarding the GE7, don’t waste your money.