Boss GE-7 Equalizer
Boss GE-7 Equalizer
dered 01/19/2005

Boss GE-7 Equalizer : dered's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Same as before. Nothing specially noted.


Trs simple, but you still have to be careful and to be rglages prcis trs trs because knobs are especially sensitive and effective trs. Not too greedy in stack but remove the jack to think every time you use them more.
Dja ca t say, but the EQ does its full potential only if it is put in the effects loop, otherwise it gnre breath and feedback abominaux (plus there's no volume)


Excellent, eq trs transparent even if I find it tends to sound smooth and cool when you cut too many frequencies. The sound is cleaner but I think you lose the grain (even if the sound is excellent) Please note that to boost some frquence (for example, be below the mix during a solo) gives a rsultat quite interesting.
Ultimately this adds a more eq to the sound of the amp and significantly expands its sonic palette. It can also be used to transform a crunch in the clear. In efffet, I noticed that some amount frquences, the sound became more rounded, less saturated cleaner and less garish.
Poiur info I use a epiphone sg ca Mount emg85 in a sleeve and a emg81 in easel, and I have a mesa boogie in rectoverb 50w amp.


I use it for a year and I am satisfied with TRS since I passed through the effects loop.
Pedal with its own TRS, also useful to boost the sound in the solo (the level is knob of the coup trs trs ffective) than to refine the sound of his amp. The only one that may be regrettable that he must be careful when playing with the knobs because they are sensitive enough.
Good quality price, I did not try another model before, if it was an MXR rerfaire I'll try to see, but I do not regret my choice.