Boss GE-7 Equalizer
Boss GE-7 Equalizer
MGR/Daniel 02/08/2004

Boss GE-7 Equalizer : MGR/Daniel's user review

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I bought the GE7 pedal because I was not satisfied with te sound I had. Especialy the mids needed to get an accent, more then my amp could. So I bought the GE7 pedal at the local guitar shop for about 70 dollar.

With the GE7 you can change your tone until you are satisfied. The seven switches offer a many options, from a deep bass to a thin high line. In this way you can create your own sound instead of the standard amp-sound.

The unit needs some practise before you get it right. If you want an accent on the mids you are not supposed to just turn those switches whole the way up. You need to be much more subtle. If you realy turn those switches whole the way up the pedal is only useful for weird solo's and bridge's.

It's a boss pedal all the way so it can take a lot of kicking. The switches are neither too lose or too tight, just briliant. The switches have a mid-point which you can feel when sliding them so you can easily can get to the basic.

The pedal is useful for extreme sounds, as well as more subtle tone shifting. This way you can use it for accents in songs but also it can be a new basic for the whole of your sound.

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