Boss GE-7 Equalizer
Boss GE-7 Equalizer
MGR/Steve 07/16/2004

Boss GE-7 Equalizer : MGR/Steve's user review

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Bought it from the music store right around the corner for $90! I bought it because I am all about my distortion, I bought so many distortion pedals since I have been playing guitar to try and find the pedal that would give me the distortion I am looking for, I have at least 9 or 10 distortion pedals! On my pedalboard I use for distortion the BOss Metal Zone and DS-1, and I have a ton of other pedals on my huge custom pedalboard.

I go too crazy over my distortion, the EQ finally made me get what I wanted!!! Thank you Boss for this awesome pedal!!! I use it right after my Boss Metal Zone and DS-1. I use the Metal Zone for a big kick a$$ distortion and then kick on the EQ to get a huge, insane distortion that I have been looking for for sooo long!!! I don't use the EQ on my DS-1, cause I have my DS-1 set up for a lighter distortion that sounds great! This EQ pedal can also turn your clean channel into what ever you want it to sound like, super clean, bassy, trebly, more middle, or whatever, this pedal really rocks!!!

Should have boughten it earlier, I spent wayyyyy tooo much on distortion pedals when alls I needed was an EQ after my Metal Zone!

It is made by Boss, built like a tank!!! WIll last you forever!!! The sound is amazing on this thing, you can get the sound you have been looking for with this EQ!!!

Amazing pedal, really can shape up any distortion pedal you have that you would want a little heavier or fix it up!!! Insanely nice for a clean channel too!!!

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