Danelectro DJ-14 Fish & Chips 7-Band EQ
Danelectro DJ-14 Fish & Chips 7-Band EQ

DJ-14 Fish & Chips 7-Band EQ, Graphic equalizer pedal from Danelectro in the DJ series.

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tjon901 07/04/2011

Danelectro DJ-14 Fish & Chips 7-Band EQ : tjon901's user review

« Great EQ at a low cost »

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Danelectro is a company known for making cheap garbage guitars since the 50s. They also make cheap pedals and unlike their guitars their pedals are usable. The Fish & Chips EQ is a pretty basic EQ but it does everything it says it should. It is based on a Boss EQ pedal. It has 7 bands of adjustment with a boost level. This pedal shows that you dont have to pay 100+ dollars for just a little EQ pedal.


There is no free lunch. The low cost of this pedal comes at a price. The pedal is no where near sturdy feeling. If you step on it too hard it feels like it may break. The chassis is made out of plastic so that should tell you. This is not really a pedal you should be stomping on and off all night. This is a set it and forget it pedal or something you put in your rack. The sliders are nice and have an indentation in the middle so you can tell when you are 50/50.


The money they saved on the chassis went into the tone of this pedal. It sounds really good. It is a lot quieter than EQ models costing twice as much. With the boost feature you can use it as a clean boost or boost up a certain section of yoru sound. Dialing in some high mids can really make your sound cut through if you are in a thick mix or running a thick gain setting on your amp. Dialing in some lows can really add some meat to a strat or teles sound.


This pedal shows not everything in your pedal board has to be super boutique and rare. This pedal is like 20 bucks and gets the job done as good as any other 7 band EQ will and you can use it as a clean boost. If you are looking for a nice cheap EQ to fill out your pedal board with this is a good option.