HomeBrew Electronics Detox EQ Paul Gilbert Signature
HomeBrew Electronics Detox EQ Paul Gilbert Signature

Detox EQ Paul Gilbert Signature, Graphic equalizer pedal from HomeBrew Electronics.

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franck06 02/02/2013

HomeBrew Electronics Detox EQ Paul Gilbert Signature : franck06's user review

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I was looking for a simple and effective way to add / remove bass and treble, a little short change the sound characteristics as required. I've never been convinced by the equalizers (many) bands. Needless to complicate anything, it is not in the HiFi. 3 settings, this is already enough for a guitar.


Very simple.


Connected at the beginning of the chain.
She is very good at her job and especially engaged, the sound is richer, better defined in the same way as does a RC Booster, a MXR Micro amp, or things like that ..
The settings are effective, fully usable. Even at max all settings, the sound is respected, no saturation, it is in the high end, well designed.


The only thing I did not realize is that this pedal is rather intended to reduce the signal booster (it is in this context it was thought), ie qu'enclenchée It "amp quiet." With the volume up, it was the beginning of a small boost, but it is not made for it. In my case I do not use the saturation of the amp so I decided to replace it with a RC Booster (EQ settings 2) suits me better. But if this type of use you, it's very good.