MXR M108 10-Band Graphic EQ
MXR M108 10-Band Graphic EQ

M108 10-Band Graphic EQ, Graphic equalizer pedal from MXR.

nickname009 08/27/2011

MXR M108 10-Band Graphic EQ : nickname009's user review


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This is a 10 band eq pedal by MXR that allows 12db of cut or boost, with a level and a gain slider.

Pretty simple! Each EQ is also illuminated with red LEDs so you can see on stage where it's set. True bypass also.


EQ is probably the most important tool for every guitar player in terms of tone shaping. In order to make anything sound good you have to know the EQ spectrum of the guitar, what parts of it sound good and bad and work in what way etc. And so no beginning player would be able to use this properly without knowing that stuff first. So even though the manual provides some extra samples and descriptions, I'd say to use the pedal effectively, you'd need some previous experience with EQs.

After that, using it is very easy. Set it up on the loop for the biggest dramatic tonal change or out in front to color it, or BOTH, one EQ pedal for each.


It is an EQ pedal there is technically no sound that the pedal offers. It's also true bypass, assuring that there is no color added to the original signal. What you do with it when you tweak the EQs will change the sound. Sort of like extra EQ knobs on your amp but now more specific, related to the frequencies.

So in terms of sound It's not very fair to comment and doesn't make much sense to add a rating of any sort I feel.

But in terms of the quality of the pedal itself and I will rate it here. It doesn't add any color as far as I'm concerned but the thing the lacks with this pedal is most likely the footswitch. I've owned two of these, one where the switch just stopped working and the other was noisy as hell. By that I mean, when you click the EQ in you hear the loudest click/pop noise EVER. Even in a live band situation if there's everything going on the click/pop noise is as loud as my guitar signal, it's very VERY annoying and I'm not sure if this pedal was made that way or if it's a defect. Others have said the same thing so maybe I'm not alone on this. Maybe this pedal was designed to be on all the time? Well it sure seems like I'll have to use it that way..


Overall it's a good pedal. Most EQ pedals generally are no fuss pedals and simple to use. Again the only problem is the switch with this one and it's super loud pop. If you're looking for a good EQ with 10 bands and plan on keeping it on at all times this is usable. But if you're looking for an EQ you'd wanna kick in and off quite often, then look elsewhere, this is way too noisy in my opinion.