MP-7, Groove Machine from E-MU.

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Daddy Abdel 08/24/2003

E-MU MP-7 : Daddy Abdel's user review


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Polyphony is 128. There are 13 pads. Two notches. 32 MB of sounds from the Pure Phatt. 3 slots ROM. Subtractive Synthse 4 layers. 896 Patterns. A MIDI IN and two MIDI OUT. Six analog outputs and an output numrique. Squenceur 16 tracks, 300 000 notes, 32 MIDI channels. Works in Internal and External. MIDI clock internal / external. Contrlleurs: 49-button switch and 16 potentiomtres. Systm standby with account - down (to DViT dteindre erroneously linstrument: allows some give mmorisation couraging without backup).


The configuration-General for the machine t think much but did not catch t. The usual functions are quite accurate and are easily accessible from the squenceur which is somewhat more complex once you know the machine is finished. The feel is pretty decent if rglages are well made. But you need a keypad if you want to make recordings in real time. The manual is comparable to a dictionary, so clear, Retailer and comprehensive enough. But all the time wanting it rfrer lost a lot of time.


Sounds (from the Pure Phatt) are poustouflants factory. You can imagine the sounds that can CRER? But against I t of the number of sounds (that's it quickly), however incomplete (some catgories sounds are not or are rprsentes evil, which does not make enough original instrumentals or go beyond the ordinary). Most snares are too lgres to Hip Hop: you can not reproduce the fun snare the big producers amricains use, yet it is a machine amricaine destiny e part in Hip Hop. We must therefore find a sampler. I do not dwell on the effects but they parat it good enough even if there are ways.


The Command Station is a jewel even if it is to add a card gnraliste (Pop Collection or other) to be satisfied. There is a big problem of mass and tricks that can indsirables apparatre when adding an expansion card. To date, as the price of the machine down Whereas the report is qualitprix imbatttable. I Do not hesitate to buy it back if c'tait again, even if most of the snares are dcevantes or should I say not enough Hip Hop. Long live E-mu!