Elektron Analog Four
Elektron Analog Four
Maxidingue 01/19/2013

Elektron Analog Four : Maxidingue's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent
4 channel analog synth polyphony
Ergonomics type Elektron, for those who know the Monomachine or MachinesDrum is easy and for a beginner the manip using much the Function key is not so easy to assimilate
2 audio outputs; damage we would have liked more 4 separate outputs (one per channel) MIDI In, Out, Thru
CV Gate: personally I do not use but if you have an old synth with this type of connection ie it becomes a must
USB for now only used for transfers or MIDI control
Top sequencer, realtime recording or step
3 correst effect (chorus, delay, reverb) personally I put "ass" a TC electronic Firework and the fact that "serious"
I use Ableton Live and an APC 40. Synchro nickel


The general use is quite simple once mastered the concepts (Kit, Song, Chain etc.)
Some knowledge of analog synthesis are essential for the creation of sound "from scatch" nothing but the classic VCO, VCA, VCF
And like other model Elektron is little change the settings of each note one by one
Nice little keyboard that allows to generate melodies and manage recording transposed into play mode
No paper manual supplied but downloadable pdf. Given the rapid evolution of OS in Elektron is not stupid (but a bit shabby for Bécanne over € 1000 ......


Machine VERY oriented techno, tranceCela said given the versability the 4 synth there is no obstacle to electro, trans, ChillOut may be even the musette (but then I'm sorry incompetent)
The sounds of bass, lead, FX sound great thanks to an analog filter section that I find remarkable.
Nice little arpeggiator since version 1.2B parameterizable as desired


I did last week
Grip fast enough (I already had a Monomachine)
Innovative concept, full sound synthesis, effects section nice although as I said I do not use sparingly
Good value for money compared eg Spectralis a much more ergonomic much less
Therefore outside the spectralis I do not see many competitor at this level (except perhaps the Quasimidi Polymorph of home fire) or you "fall" in the Korg EMX series or EA (but for the latter I had not hang)

In conclusion: I love this machine. Elektron guys are serious, innovative reagents. They evolve in a positive way their machine (it does not necessarily mean they leave the haste of bécannes with any OS just bugged but they certainly listening to the concerns of their users and implement good ideas)

I use it with Ableton Live MIDI Sync for drums (and APC 40). I stuck him in the ass a good multi effect (Fireworx TC) and it is nothing but happiness

Last bit of advice. I ordered directly from Elektron. Same price in VPC. UPS port with free tracking. 3 years warranty
Ordered on Monday (from Sweeden) arrived on Friday morning. Already registered in my name on their website
It is pro no?