Elektron Analog Four
Elektron Analog Four
Jeffdigit 10/11/2013

Elektron Analog Four : Jeffdigit's user review

«  Excellent potential / price ratio! »

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This is a machine that is positioned halfway between the groovebox and analog synthéthiseur mono part.
The groovebox part consists of a step sequencer in which all parameters of the machine can be recorded for each step. There are dozens of settings at all levels: oscillators, filters, amp, LFO, effects, ... Making it a formidable groovebox! To complete the groovebox part there is a performance mode that can act on 5 different parameters from a single knob and no less than 10 pots can be configured for it. Making it one of the most powerful to live interargir machines (my little demo:

The synth part is extremely rich (see the listing on the Elektron site). Each parameter (among the dozens) can interact with any other parameter. Making it one of the richest synthesizer sound design.
In fact it is four independent mono synths that Every one has its own synth part, its own arpeggiator, its own effects.

It is not (yet possible 1.06) past noon to control an external device.

That's what interests me, others will be interested in taking the CV / Gate ...


Operation is extremely simple and all was well pensé.Il just takes a little time at the beginning to understand the phylosophy of the machine.
The manual may not be necessary, especially given the richness of the machine. Anyway it would take several hundred pages for completeness of the description of all its functions.

This is an extremely rich machine. I had quite a machine, but none that offered so many possibilities. The only limit is the creativity of the user, and the time he wants to spend ...


The sounds are quite special. Sounds analog with a digital touch. The advantage is that you get a broad range of sounds. The downside is that crazy pure analog will be a little disappointed.
I like that it is possible to get with this machine. I had a virus and I have a KingKorg and none of these 2 machines can not escape the sounds of the Analog Four.

I have a big disappointment to the sounds provided and banks provided. This is not a machine made variment to play quickly even if these features may suggest otherwise. If you want to make your own sound, its own sequence ... it takes time!


I've had almost two months. It is a machine that leaves me perplexed. One day she made me crack and one day, saw the work it requires to make his own movies, I'm two fingers to spare.
I use to accompany keyboards (Jupiter 80 KingKorg). The problem is that it quickly becomes repetitive if you do not take the time to program multiple patterns to accompany.
I also use it in fashion synth controlled from a keyboard. Same structure is monaural, the sound is huge! (Another little demo:

I do not know if I would keep a long time in my set, but it is a machine that has a very strong potential for those who want to spend a little time.