iXtlan23 11/03/2003

Quasimidi Rave-O-Lution 309 : iXtlan23's user review


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Excellent sound and efficient machine. Aluminum plate, knob quality (accurate and solid), rack of 6 units (5 + 1 for the machine for the connection).

In front it has 5 synth / expander different assignable to 4 different audio outputs (TRS 6.5). Obviously s'aurait been better to have an output for each synth but ... has found a synth modeling for bass drums, one for the snares, the HiHats and another for percussion and a fifth for basslines and leads.

The machine also includes a template sequence very well done and an assignable effects section on separate outputs (3 & 4).

side there is a twelve o'clock In one out and a thru, and a stereo RCA between a sound source to send the internal effects.


Each synth has its own controls, which is via lse many knobs. This allows control over each bank of its parts and all the parameter type attack, decay, tone, tune and level. Section bassline / lead bcp with more control for better use and an optimal (attack, decay, sustain, accent, glide, resonance, envelope, and cutoff level) and a button activating the VCA-gate.

plus it possible to transfer each track independently, or edit directly without stopping the sequencer drumgrid (which can change the sequence at random).

the 309 has a screen that looks small but first saw the OS being very well done you get used to very quickly and it does nothing to use gene.

It is also possible to navigate through the menu parameter controlling the "instrument" and "sound" using either the notched wheel on the right of the screen is on the knob assigned to each of the five keyboards.


The 309 is a machine Raveolution clearly oriented tekno ... and it has done its job. The range of the plant really does not innovate (especially bass pouet pouet enough) but the multitude of control offers its interface allows you to create a very adaptable to a tekno music.
moreover it is easy to create a multitude of different sounds without ever repeated snares of the long dry and precise strikes that endless possibility's are almost infinite.
I do not too parrlerai effects because I do not use them because the effect must come to the outputs 3 & 4 which does not suit me ... So good ...


I have this machine for 4 years now, buy 3500frs in Okaz in Germany and it has always met through use live it give a new life has a big rhythm tekno. even if it sounds a little tweak before going out something that does not sound like a TR. I think the only thing that needs improvement is to put a 5th audio output.
if I were to buy a machine I bought the same type (except if I had the dosh for a waldorf Q rack good but it cost 2 times more expensive!)