Remooz 10/26/2011

Quasimidi Rave-O-Lution 309 : Remooz's user review

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The 309 is and will remain a cult machine for any teknoïde who likes to take the ears.
Characteristics already detailed.
Strong point: Hyper robust, indestructible, good German stuff!
Output separate audio in: nickel.
Manuel enough, some passages are crazy to read (without irony).


The handling is top, clear and well organized machine, essential functions on the front, a joy to handle.
All in real time, except "save" when I record in general the pattern and then the song, otherwise there may be losses.
Unique: the knobs "intelligent" which automatically compensate the differences in value ...
Level sequencer it is served, with rhythmic emphasis TR
TB type with melodic accent and glides.
Effective control by noon, no problems no longer a slave.
Finally, the shortcuts are very useful, as each party becomes an editable synth (filter, envelope ...).
Given his advanced age (1996), I put 10/10.


The sauce sounds ... German!
Rhythmic side, I love.
Kick the top, big sound, perfect for teak, attention here to show some restraint and subtlety sometimes at the risk of cover other sounds.
Hihat (open and closed) clear and powerful, impeccable.
Percussion set a bit limited in my view, however convenient. I prefer the sequence externally.
Snare not top in my opinion, special sounds, I prefer the snares of Percussion Set.
Melodic, it sounds very 80's digital, it's not my thing. Some interesting sounds anyway, with a little work it can sound. Glides effective, filters quickly become "screaming" and "hissing" pushing the resonance. (The 309 is not a Polymorph either ...)
FX anecdotal, but it can be used.
I will put some sounds 10/10, 1 / 10 to others, but overall it sounds.


After 7 years of loyal service, I keep it for the pleasure of hearing a merry BOOM BOOM Tchiki Tchiki ... with experience, it's a real toy to handle, really I love it;)
Finally a machine that still has a big potato, in a perfect set, to associate with big synth drum machine or other, at least just for the kick and Hihat. Teknoïde not refrain!
Machine (almost) for beginners, perfect transition to more complex machines. Coast OCCAZ interesting, especially for a 309 with separate outputs and in good condition.