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Roland MC-307
Roland MC-307

Groove Machine from Roland belonging to the MC series.

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Sagone Sagone

«  Premire good machine »

Publié le 12/11/11 à 11:36
Midi IN and OUT, phones, and pedal STREO OUT SW.

Effects section large enough and of good quality if you take the time to do some tweaking. The biggest is that it does not default not stack multiple effects on the same pattern.C is precisely what could make this machine sound convenablement.On chosen an effect, it is based on the RULES Dfine is sought then tracks which it is attributed. STOP! Shame not to open a compressor on the drum section and a small chorus on the lead Młoda .... Only the reverb and delay are cumulative in addition to the effects section.

The TRS is squenceur "mcanique" so that a right prcis and gives a small cot game-boy who does not value the bank's rather nice that Roland offers us here. We must go in the Quantize menu of the machine, to give life to the squence. Plusiurs shuffles modes are available and sounded better right away! The rglages possible are lgion. Twenty pRSET, in addition to SETTING THE timing (shuffle assay will give a little cot-ternary or rather crooked tip) and velocity (which sounds attnue submitted to shuffle). Basically makes a groove and trs trs cohrents music without much effort.


Simple configuration, manual effectively. Nothing unusual seen the beast.
The big highlight is the pitch fader right seat of the machine. This is the Roland or made strong and I still do freelance why the Akai MPC does not follow this shma.Enfin if I know, use of audio in real time is a bit more complicated ... Basically, we gre tones and BPM of a pattern or if you want: either one or the other. Listen to a two-tone squence below trs be somewhat inspiring ... Agree on a suspicious sample is a breeze. In short: great tool!

Drum level: you type in real time squence its "kick-snare-hhat" groove and offers you the spares parts: Gnial to make mute!


The sound library is vast. It's a bit dry as there is not some effects deu.Les electo sounds really cool, too low but the big surprise in the RSID sound bank "orchestral". The choirs are trs trs well made (I still serves rgulirement) some strings do their job, note the "fast attack section" and the flutes are excellent.
Otherwise the drum kits are really fucking the little one a little dirty with the effect LO-FI back correctly. Each kit includes four drum snare and bass drum 4 and leaves enough to find his shoes off.

There are a few pearls. His cot a little bit kitsch sound of madness when used among other synths. Dtourner sounds lead into bass is gniale with this box. The accumulation of TR is 606,707,808,909 trs convincing if we realize that the disks that you hear today just to sound rhythm boxes such as a vintage groove box!


This is my machine so I Premire speaks with great respect even though I would not do a disc. It was silent for me an essential tool when I got an MPC 2000 XL to orchestrate the samples that I plunder alone, mostly at the pitch fader, which allowed me to put the tonalite 'sample without any problems. The drum kit is not worth the good big wave, but another time I'll pick a snare or a kick. It sounds the framework of Manir ...

She is aging and has some keys do not work, it's not super strong but lightweight feature allows nomadic quiet and allows sessions to be down on your knees headset mode is pimpronelle sofa while watching her small "mentalist!"
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