Roland MC-505
Roland MC-505

MC-505, Groove Machine from Roland in the MC series.

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Shake 02/09/2005

Roland MC-505 : Shake's user review


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I just put the features that the dmarquent of her peers:

Squence 8 tracks
Mute slectif on the rhythm part (the big ball trs)
4 oscillators per channel
Reverb, Delay, moult effects, tonnament, sound good (yes)
6 out spares
not of sound (c a little boring, a. ..)
a D-Beam, hovering well use it when we know
robust appearance of "big BCAN", not like a yamaha if you see that jveux cke

I do not put that 8 because the backup is done only by smart media card not found that Roland is trying to sell 100 euros!


The squence dchire, but only in stand-alone. 8 tracks, it is insufficient to squence of modules, it is better for a RM1x a.

100% size for live, it's amazing how much arpond.

Keyboard enjoyable, full of flashing everywhere, so that you do not get lost despite the itty bitty screen.


We can go further in the trs hack is what I like.

Rhythm Kits: medium potato, may well snap even when ... if you hack you feel like it.
Arpgiatteur gnial and programmable. Lines in D-Beam gniales, but more difficult to program. Quantize PERFECT, much better than the yamaha.

Cettes BCAN is clearly made for electro torture. For acoustic sounds is plutt Mtisi (vomit in street language). But his level dchir and organic, it is fatal, is what I like most about it. It is the numrique cold enough, even when, so for large leads or other better a good plug. But you can make incredible atmosphere.


I use it for three weeks, I + / - 25 minutes of live running.

Goodies: all in one ultra intuitive sound design effects pushed the mute slectifs rhythmic, simple design and I like srieux
Cons: the fucking SmartMedia found, the fact of being obliged to wait for the end of a pattern before proceeding to the next, the sound a bit cold cold (but hey, she's going to be ending for compressor lamp in the ass, has the warmest will whine!)

Other models utiliss: RM1x yam (see anything, only used as squence) electribe "blue force" and "red force" and much sr bcp composition and sound design in software.

Report quality / price (almost new paid 300 euros): the best deal of my life, period.

<p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>With the exprience, you do again this choice? ...</span>

um, let's say that I feel ds limit and I still want 505-sound chelous stale, well ... I Rasht without a 2nd rflchir too long!