Roland MC-505
Roland MC-505

MC-505, Groove Machine from Roland in the MC series.

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Will Zégal 10/06/2002

Roland MC-505 : Will Zégal's user review


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For those who do not know, the MC-505 Groovebox is a squence / synth east to the game live.
MIDI connectors 1in 1out. It's just a bit.
Rich audio connectors: 1 phones, two-out mix (L and R mono) outputs 2x2 "direct out"
supplmentaires allow these outputs to route the squence of tracks without going through the effects section to use other external effects, for example. the choice of routing is done for each pattern which provides great flexibility.

The effect section includes reverb, delay and 1EFX to choose large enough: two chorus, flanger, ehancer, equal, slider, vinyl, distortion, etc ...

The squence: I do not remember all the CHARACTERISTICS. RESOLUTION The maximum is 96 ticks / time (who needs more) and flexibility quite impressive, even if the edition by computer remains flexible. In direct use, only the impossibility to copy / cut / paste parts of steps is sometimes teachers.


Good even when you're on a big machine. The grip is not in seconds.

Even when it is possible to "play" trs quickly. For more complex functions, it is necessary to delve into the manual. As I have a chance, I only have the English manual. This is damn good plutt and we found there, even if it seems to be missing some information trs pointed.

on the other hand, all the function is clear and the most common are easy to reach, even live.


The sounds. Vast subject.
The sound palette is varied with four banks of 128 sounds.
The grain is plutt good, even if it may seem a little dat stuff from latest issue. Matter of taste.
For my part, I use the bebte not only for music "electro", but also for other styles, including the song.
I sometimes find it difficult prcisment the sound I want in the percussion sets. It is then necessary to get the sounds SPECIFICATIONS. For example, the Hi-Hat menu that gives hi-hat sounds throughout the tense of the keyboard. L There's the choice!


APRS one year of use, I am extremely satisfied with their use.
The device is obviously not free of default, but s'avre really nice.
What is really good is his ability to live. A slider track CONTRL by various functions (vol, pan, reverb, delay, EFX on / off, Megamix). Megamix function allows to substitute a pattern in one track to another pattern in live, without being obliged to CRER a pattern SPECIFICATIONS.
The allocation patterns of the "keyboard" allow great flexibility in live.

I do not comment on price, with a touch mine price ... I say this? No, I'll hurt you! Good will: 230 euros (the rating of opportunity is around 680 euros). Same at the cost of trading on occasion, worth. Today the price of nine (in 1200 euros I think) is a bit EXAGRES and there seems to be better products more top wig, especially with audio inputs to use samples that is not the case 505.