Roland MC-505
Roland MC-505

MC-505, Groove Machine from Roland in the MC series.

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Chris.angel 08/11/2004

Roland MC-505 : Chris.angel's user review


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APRS Success (justification?) Of the MC-303 Groovebox Roland has produced a truly professional this time. The default that is blamed THE FIRST edition t have retained in the design of the MC-505.

- Big sound bank rsolument directs Dance of quality;
- Many CONTRL in real time;
- The famous D-Beam (nice little toy INTERESTED live);
- A powerful sound editor (which I think is too advanced by Roland);
- A quality effects processor for the effects of quality (not all)
- 6 audio outputs;
- A sorites MIDI, MIDI between 1 (no spare Thru)
- 3 simultaneous effects: a delay reberb + 1 + 1 EFX

Warning: no compatibility GM / XG (but is it really ncessaire);

MIDI perspective, there is some progress: the MC-505 can be from a CONTRL squence external simultanment driver in real time. The bad thing is only 8 channels are available. on the other hand, most of the Real Time Controller can be sent or reus by MIDI. They are also Grable by SysEx messages or Control Change (CC # #) ... much more convenient than proprietary systems.


Everything seems so simple at first glance: the buttons just turn it around in all directions ... I must admit that Roland has CRER attach a machine to use very intuitive ... and it is a beautiful Russianness!

But in this gray frame hides much more ... a machine 'production Dance' really powerful. But to make full use will require manual sprigs (for softphone almost Botin). No stress: Roland also joined a small manual quick start, enough for a good time dj.


The MC-505 has a range of sounds vraris of good quality (mainly electronic sounds). The factory patches are somewhat Aging. But ... The sound editor allows you to turn the infinite sonic possibilities of this machine (XP edition like The series, based on 4 layers).

Even if many are accessible by paramtres Controller, the underside of the iceberg hides many other paramtres Fast Fashion allowing sound to the smallest dtails envelopes, 2 LFO , Ring Modulator, etc.. Unfortunately, it is then in the menus and submenus ... intituivit finished!

Dance Machine requires many samples t have a chance to reboost. N'esprez not find the sounds of TR-606 or 909 such that the origin! Not content with this, Roland has placed a Controller to increase the low frquences.

The effects section is huge. The dlais and other FX can be synchroniss the tempo (internal or external), most of the effects possdent paramtres many of CONTRL. Their sound quality is good gnralement.


APRS four years of loyal service, this machine still keeps a place in my studio privilgie. Despite what some say, it has everything to stay 'in' in the middle of the Dance ... Should always remember the sounds and squence factory and operate beyond its capabilities groove box only (see edition of sounds).

It is also useful to carry out the updating of the OS version 1.07: Submitted the original version some bugs when using odd, especially with the D-Beam. The DSP also seems at times the limit of its capabilities.

Nanmoins, the MC-505 is a professional machine, by its quality its stability (ncessaire still live), its capabilities and CHARACTERISTICS. A minimum of exprience seems required to make the top.