Yamaha QY700
Yamaha QY700

QY700, Groove Machine from Yamaha in the QY series.

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drguet 12/10/2011

Yamaha QY700 : drguet's user review

" Machine complte explore in depth ..."

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Machine all in one, twelve o'clock squenceur tense XG, MIDI player, arranger and midi interface 2 in 2 out, the three manuals are clear and must remain door hand for sysex mostly sheer black.


In the era, the XG sound module taient trs good. This is typical trs 90, but with good will we can push the BTE in the techno playing on the filters, modulations, effects chaining only accessible via sysex (that is complicated but rewarding).


Machine unbreakable, well constructed and intuitive (except for shipping sounds), and an excellent squenceur drive south, a good arranger and instantaneous Available from a computer.

Remains a provision to drive and a floppy drive on pc usb.

I keep prcieusement ....