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  • Orange OR120

    Orange OR120 - "Orange OR 120 Head"


    Paid $1,000 CDN used. I just love the way it looks, colour, knobs, graphics. It is also quite loud and is great for putting your processed tone through. As there is no master volume, distortion requires that you really turn up..which is a big probl…

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  • Orange Rockerverb 50 MKII Head

    Orange Rockerverb 50 MKII Head - " Marshall killer"


    .This Is my home amp, and occasionally I used me to change my loyal mesa correct. .2 Months .I am a geek and I play guitar for over 20 years, the list of what I bought and sold is indecent .... I am almost ashamed lol .dropoff Window it soun…

  • Orange TH30 Head

    Orange TH30 Head - " amp addictive"


    I could optimize this amp by using a EHXAY7 in clean, the rest will be JJ tesla, demonic power is a 2x12 Celestion g12 heritage, using a NOVA SYSTEM in excellent effects loop. I do not use equalizer, while at midday the sound is. The variable power c…

  • Orange Micro Terror

    Orange Micro Terror - " Great for training"


    This is a very small mixing 20w amp transistors and a lamp. You can connect an audio source, which is very convenient for training. I mostly play with headphones but I bought the tiny HP that goes with it, and that can make cattle without problem. …

  • Orange OR15H Reissue

    Orange OR15H Reissue - " A great little amp"


    This is an all-tube amp 15W (EL84) manufactured in China by Orange. The settings are very simple (Master Bass / Medium / Treble, Gain). Compared to the "Terror" family he deserves to have a cabinet worthy of the name (no toaster) and an effects …

  • Orange TH30 Head

    Orange TH30 Head - " Good quality / price ratio"


    I think a lot has already been said on this head. It has 30w lamp: 5 lamps for the preamp, 4 power. In addition, this head has two channels (clean / dirty), an effects loop but no reverb and must be added to the footswitch. Power is 30w but can b…

  • Orange Micro Terror

    Orange Micro Terror - " Small but tough"


    The features are already described but I want to report something. So here I am not very handy but by removing the 4 feet and the grid or the handle is obtained amp pedal format. The lamp is always more or less protect say that it remains still c…

  • Orange Micro Terror

    Orange Micro Terror - " small but costeaud"


    Hybrid amp. Transistor and lamp warmed her. The amp is 20 watts. pray headphones, input, send hp UTILIZATION was how to say with 3 knob ca things a bit easier. manual: or ca? I do not think it is useful for something like that B) SOUNDS …

  • Orange TH30 Head

    Orange TH30 Head - "Excellent plug n play amp that combines true grit and true versatility"


    Everything has already been said a good place for both real channels, effects loop, but also the available powers (7.5, 15 or 30W) and the change of grains (and thus the potential it generates): The 15W obtained from 4-2 EL84 powered does not sound…

  • Orange OR50H

    Orange OR50H - " Great!!!!"


    - Here we have an amp in the largest historical style Oranges'70 X2 EL34 power 3 12AX7 preamp (with a 12AX7 preamp more than historical amp for extra gain stage), a great simplicity of construction so. settings: attenuator "Presence" EQU…