Amt Electronics E1 Engl Fireball
Amt Electronics E1 Engl Fireball

E1 Engl Fireball, Guitar Amp Simulation Pedal from Amt Electronics in the Legend Amps series.

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CautionHot 12/17/2012

Amt Electronics E1 Engl Fireball : CautionHot's user review

«  The sound I wanted! »

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Value For Money : Excellent
AMT Electronics offers us a preamplifier size pedal on a circuit composed of analog Jfet. For the characteristics, the pedal provides a 3-band equalization, one "level" which adjusts the output level of the pedal and a potentiometer distortion. The pedal has a speaker simulation, handy when you want to play with the pedal in an interface.


The pedal is not a distortion pedal classic. It must be considered as a pre-amp out of the question in front of the plug. To fix this "problem", the brand released the E-2 (notice the moaners ..).
The sound editing is pretty easy, once one branch pedal in the return of the amp.


I use this pedal with a Ltd ec-1000 and Jackson RR24 (both in Emg) in the return of my Bugera V-22. The grain of the pedal is very tight, very dry, very short Engl. Knowing a little mark (I tested the power ball, fireball and Gigmaster 60) I must say that it is very close. That said, I think that equalization is not really efficient. The highs are very beautiful, but also the low mids are, I think, incorrectly calibrated. An equation 7-band after the pedal is the key to your sound (and what a sound!). Simulation of loudspeaker is in my opinion, demonic because it fits well in a mix.
I put 9 because the pedal sounds awfully good, but also because I had to put an equation in addition.


I use this pedal for ten days at the time I write this opinion. This is my first pre-amp pedal size and I must say I'm quite surprised possibility of the beast. What I like the most, and the price, size, sounds, finish quality (no plastic disgusting). What I like least; equalization mediums incorrectly calibrated. Excellent value for money in my opinion, a real killer sound cheap when you have an amp with a loop.

I would do this choice, and I intend to buy other pedals AMT as the quality of these pedals impresses me.

Recovery recorded with the simulation cab ;-)!