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zuby 03/03/2005

Line 6 AM4 : zuby's user review


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PDAL of modlisation damplis:
* 16 damplis MODELS (53 Fender Deluxe, Vox AC-30 67, 65 Marshall JTM-45, Mesa / Boogie Dual Rectifier)
* 4 programmable memory
* Orders for each of the four programmed sounds Drive, Bass, Mid, Treble, Volume / Gate
* Physical Bypass
* Jack PDAL dexpression
* Input & output mono


CSTA configuration is very simple.
Excellent for scne, each memory can be changed quickly (for the volume or gain is convenient).
The pedals are solid and the switches to switch between one channel the other without time latance.
The manual is very well screwed because it provides for each type of receiver the optimal configuration (drive, bass ...) that is closest to the cre modlisation by the manufacturer.
It is regrettable that the transformer is not provided but at the same time to make scne ammen we often use the device with batteries.


The effects are trsralistes: trs sound pure and blues sound with foil until the distortion trs msaboogie the trash.
Perfect with a les paul or even a stratum.
Personally I love the Dual Rectifier sounds to the Metallica and Vox 30 for a little more rhythmic 70's.
And each provides modlisation Intrets according to song and genre.


Used for 1 year.
What is the most j'apprcie easy to configure (no need to piss off a long time to get good sound unlike a multi-effect). Furthermore, it is perfect for scne and for rpeter because it adapts its his trs quickly with a few alterations. And I love the sound that little trs Rock drawing (Lenny Kravitz, AC / DC, Metallica).