Line 6 Floor POD
Line 6 Floor POD
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Phil good 10/04/2006

Line 6 Floor POD : Phil good's user review


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12 Amp Modl clbres
7 Types of effects (2 simultaneous)
-Phaser, chorus, flanger, trmolo, delay, reverb-
PDAL volume / wha
64 pRSET
1 Tuner
Between a CD/MP3 input jack Between 1 / guitar
2 Outputs L / R jacks (either to enter a mixer in Stereo or mono with a
one of the two to an amp)
IT'S ALL DIGITAL (but bad!)
Voil brive outline that this small caractrisent pdalier in plastoc. For more details visit the site "LINE6"


For the grip, it's easy. This is really pdalier trs basic, not making head at paramtrages: you only need to know to work with her memory, her ears and her fingers gently turning the pretty chrome buttons s, for there is no den visual (either around the knobs or digital display), such as with a ZOOM G2.L 'edition of a patch is, it normally: it supports diverse to "save", displaying a flashing numro patch and turn it is played The manual is quite explicit, as pdalier simple, so no big problem of this ct l


Given the limited amount of effects (modulation and reverb / Dlay), one would expect p belief or a super quality Well it is not! A costs at the headphone is the one that is fully realized in this mdiocrit pdalier! The Dlay does not even come out stro, the chorus, it is almost mono, only the hall reverb mode gives a semblance of "spacial". The WHA is average, simus Amp almost all look alike, snoring across ds we force a little on the "drive" and a noise gate does not exist! What what has been done with the guys at LINE6 for "CRER" something like that and I am correct! (I regret my RP7 by far, certainly more complete, but in a different quality effects)


Actually, I have not used for long: He returned directly reach the Tagra the store where I bought it after two days! But I waited impatiently for the release of this pdalier.C 'silent a good idea / concept to a pdalier "basic" grouping effects or indispensales traditional guitarist; with simus Amp clbres and a door prize of all. In addition, samples / DMOS the FLOOR POD LINE6 on the site are quite "touts" but misleading and suddenly we have done: We forget that derrire console mix, there is probably a pro!
So in the end, I opt for a ZOOM A2-1u, and really has nothing to see!. In addition, it is cheaper and has allowed me to buy lamps for my amp!