Line 6 POD HD300
Line 6 POD HD300
tarz200tdi 08/28/2012

Line 6 POD HD300 : tarz200tdi's user review

«  Excellent for the price »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Everything has already been written.
The interface PC / Mac is very complementary, and greatly facilitates the editing.
The case is pretty solid. However, I put a little damper on the strength of the pedal switches, down sharply from a FBV shortboard the same brand for example (I've already replaced one in warranty, and I have another that starts to wane a bit).
My only regret about this model compared to its big brothers: the lack of an effects loop that would connect as a simple multi-effect plug in 4 cables in the loop of a tube amp.


This is a very logical Line 6 ... In absolute nothing complicated, but it is not immediate departure. So with my IQ oyster manual was helpful in the beginning.

Editing is pretty good, but with limits on chaining effect that did not top models.

Initially I used only the software, but with practice I publish more often on the POD.


Used with:
> Schecter Hellraiser C1
> Gibson SG Faded
> Fender Jazzmaster player classic

Output is in line headphones (marshall major) or Mac (iMac) or a Tech21 amp power engine.

> Line mode, I am particularly pleased. While it will never be worth a good tube amp, but it was still something very convincing. Again, things are not immediate. I found quite quickly cleans and crunch that suited me completely. for distortion sounds, it was longer. I understand some who say that the hi-gain oriented simus are bad ... Nevertheless I just say they are seeking a job to sound musical way (gain settings / volume, EQ, simus HP and mic are to handle sparingly ... interactions are sometimes bizarre).

> When this amp is less straightforward. I have long used the mode "preamp" for my sims to minimize, because they can not disengage completely, simus HP. Since then, with the last update that makes possible this release, I came back to "full", and it is more natural. After that, the limits in this mode probably take less POD itself to the full of power and speaker on which the fact out.


Used since July 2011. Before I was POD 2.0 + FBV controller.
the +:
> Sounds
> Interface pc / mac

the -:
> The strength of the switches and pedal
> The lack of effect loop

The value for money is good when it is found used in very good condition.
If it again I will. However, the day he let me go I go to one of his older brothers (400 or 500) to find a loop and leave me the possibility to use multi indeed simple.