Line 6 POD HD500
Line 6 POD HD500
Chris Martins 04/29/2011

Line 6 POD HD500 : Chris Martins's user review

«  Excellent multi-purpose solution and direct. »

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So modeling pedal chain amplification, solid metal, an expression pedal in 2 switchable modes (assignable to any parameter). 512 memory locations available, 16 amp simulation (6 addition announced by Line 6), over 100 pedals / effects racks available, midi in / out (through), in Variax, Line 6 Link (to drive an amp DT50 brand), stereo effects loop, Mic .... short it has everything it takes and a little more.


The configuration is affordable but not directly on the single pedal. With the software, it becomes a breeze cons. The various manuals are very clear and quite fun. A good habit Line 6 is to provide the templates in reference manuals, which can get an idea of ​​possible applications of each type of effect. An 8 because the editing is downright painful to pedal, even if it is completely logical and with a little practice affordable, without ever becoming comfortable.


So in order.

- The dynamic effects are good, but not excel as specialized racks would, but at least as good as any pedal or multi-effect rack, so the SAR side. Honors at the gate who does not completely distorts the sound.
- The distos, there is everything and this is clearly a matter of taste, but the screamer, tube drive, and fuzz face are great, others I use less, but the heavy distortion is really not bad for the old Metal type ... short to drink and eat, but very usable.
- Modulations are just excellent, especially the tri-chorus, bluffing, the analog chorus w / mod, and flanger. The tape and tube are perfectly echoes illusion but there is not full. He must miss the breath or parasites or irregularities, but you'll be the only one to note, therefore after, who cares a little. The tremolo is also excellent
- The delays and reverbs are downright awesome. As good as the TC (which I love), and varied, there are hints of what to do with very wide, deep and textured for CEUs as it amuses. Pink Floyd, attention, here we are!
- The filters I do not use it.

But the big highlight is the new generation of amp models, and there they have really done their homework. The new models are much more dynamic than the former, the Blackface example is just beautiful with a bit of chorus and reverb, a micro serious. Crunches are super rich, and saturation ... difficult to adjust at first. There are always too this or too that. It takes a few hours before adjusting to get something really nice, but it's worth it.


So basically, I use the console beast live in rehearsal, multi effect loop of my amp multi-channel (as I switch the pedal with midi) or faux-pedal before my single channel, and within 3 situations, it comes out perfectly, with a minimum footprint. With 512 presets arranged, it has something to do, and virtually everything is possible with this machine. Is it going to replace your vintage tube amp? No. Is it going to the complement effectively? Absolutely. A job at this price that performs many functions (not to mention they can be used as ASIO sound card to record USB), with such versatility and not too be a gas plant, but rather a successful challenge for Line 6 that changes with time these new series. The X3 was nice, but I missed, because having had the series Xt, evolution seemed too slight to justify reinvestment. There I just waited a few months, and I plunged, and I'm very glad you did. :)