Tech 21 SansAmp GT2
Tech 21 SansAmp GT2

SansAmp GT2, Guitar Amp Simulation Pedal from Tech 21 in the SansAmp series.


Tech 21 SansAmp GT2 : Anonymous 's user review


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Based on analog technology, while the sound can be adjusted easily without the need for manual.
Jack an entry / exit Jack.Une A jack is for connecting a power supply (no need because I do not even know when I installed my 9V, but the LED is still red when I turn on the GT2)
The metal case is very solid (it's been years since I use it and not move it !!!!)


Four knobs: Level, High, Low and Drive.
Three miniswitchs can adjust the type of microphone (Off axis, center, classic), fashion (clean, Hi Gain, Hot wired) and amp (Tweed, British and California). An input jack / A output jack. The manual is superfluous .... as the settings are simple and logical ...


This case is just amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Live, I use it only for saturation (the clear sound is obtained by the preamp combo of my ....) And here let me say it sounds any lamp is hot, straight and accurate . The sound of my Start is fully respected in all its nuances and according to the power of the attacks of my right hand ....
The sonic possibilities are endless and REAL (I do not use the word realistic as it is above this notion)
In Studio, with me, alone with my guitar. (My amp and multi-effects remain home !!!!!)
I have all the GT2 sounds pros on hand .... live in the console and once again, close your eyes and listen .... AMAZING !!!!! lamps inhering and breathless (yes Culbuto, your breath is certainly in your guitar or microphone in your wiring )!!!!


I buy the GT2 to its release and since I can not do without .... This replaces the receiver and other MESA SOLDANO I would not have to buy (for my Top banker !!!!! !) for a price insignificant given the price of branded products mentioned.
The GT2 is the secret of making beautiful sound in all circumstances ..... Close your eyes and listen ..... listen especially before buying toys and Co. POD ... Try the analog ... . and save your money .. It's timeless sound, And The Rest is history ...