Tech 21 Blonde
Tech 21 Blonde

Blonde, Guitar Amp Simulation Pedal from Tech 21 in the Character Series series.

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nico21120 05/03/2010

Tech 21 Blonde : nico21120's user review

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Pedal to prampli presents a boti mtallique, itself comes in a beautiful cased well, also in metal. The technology employed is Entirely analog transistor.
The connection is altogether common: an instrument between an outlet for power between a standard 9V (not supplied), pretty bad place if you use a pedalboard. Housing for the 9V battery is located under the pedal, a valve, which Does not require any screwing opration / dvissage.
Rglages level, there are 6 pots, whose bill leaves a good impression: level, low, mid, high, character, and finally drive.
Finally there is a simulation of HP Jensen (by Tech21 site), not switchable.
That said, the pedal is pretty well finished, and looks solid as a whole. To be picky, I always regret, especially in this price range, that the food is not provided.


6 buttons turn, can seem a little, especially compared to pramplis numriques Line 6 or Vox, but they are damn effective in their tasks and associated dlivrent a palette of sonority s much larger that there could stepfather at first.
We can start by getting hold of the examples provided by Tech21 type (a can, alternatively, to discover that, unfortunately, some are Ted Nugent, and then, after investigation, that this is not the kind type that we want to frequent providers to find ...), then tweak its sounds ideal. The qualisation offers 3 bands is an extremely effective! We have to go with subtlety. Similarly, levels of volume, character, and gain should be based on each doss each other to obtain optimum sound, and especially to avoid to leave a tympanum ( or both!). Obviously, there are no presets memorize.


Well yes a ring, but so what was ringing. My first impression, plus a whole grain apprciable is that it is alive.
The sounds of very clean overdrive fleshy (hairy), if indeed it remains in cohrent rglages are all excellent for me. Pure rock n 'roll former, or rhythm of vitamin n'blues at Stax, and the Chicago Blues, while the boys! Obviously we can prfrer other series character models according to their tastes.
I never had the opportunity to play on the amp models Muls, I can not tell whether the simulations are not models or Fidler originals. But the silent key for me buying this pedal c'tait can vibrate as much as when I play on my amp lamp. And although there is, pleasure is the
So I can use it between my little console to play through headphones or recording directly to PC. What I find also gnial is that the effect of speaker simulation as it is not back subtly caricatured as one can find on other pramplis. And plugs into my amp (IDAL through the effects loop, even if it goes very well between the direct instrument of the amp, as long as I stay on channel clear), however, that I enjoy dj well as the pedal provides more punch supplmentaire qu'intressant my sound without the speaker simulation comes gcher everything.
While I am, I also plugged my bass and electro in my north to see, and some remaining rglages, it plays well in her role prampli.


I had long awaited a single product, which Plutt than imitate 4 semi-trailers amps, allow me first of all to have the same feelings gaming headset complies with those obtained from an amp.
I am very happy. My neighbors are also very happy, even if the fact that the SansAmp Tech 21-Series-character-blonde offers excellent sound quality, they pass completely through. The banker, not jumping for joy, saw that the thing is far from a rate that expensive (even if he too does not care that rang royally).
My only small regret in the end is that the absence of 2 channels is done quickly sorely felt.