Tech 21 Blonde
Tech 21 Blonde

Blonde, Guitar Amp Simulation Pedal from Tech 21 in the Character Series series.

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narnodel 06/22/2011

Tech 21 Blonde : narnodel's user review

«  Excellent! »

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All settings need to sculpt the perfect sound ... Nothing more, nothing less.

It seems a little light, electronics is actually very simple, but it looks sturdy, and the system switch to spring almost unbreakable!


The pedal looks simple, but each pot is so effective that the editing of sounds is not so easy ...
A tenth of a revolution in the mid setting, and the sound has nothing to do!

Character potentiometer is a bit obscure, but damn effective. It's sort of second drive with a color adjustment and more ...


The sound is very good!
Plugged into a sound card, speakers on monitors, it works pretty well, certainly much better than any plug-ins (eg guitarrig) I've experienced ... Fewer opportunities, certainly, but the sound is so over! Also much better than my Vox ToneLab ST, which seems very bland side ...
That said, the connected line, it is also correct, it does not replace a real amp, it always seems a bit dull. However, to model or to plug into a live sound is very respectable.

I also have the power engine 60 of the same brand (power amp - guitar cabinet), and there is just great!
When you push a little volume, was a tremendous momentum, we really an amp that has the "potato" with the combination of the two ...

I tested the settings advised by tech 21, I looked for other, there is a palette of its very, very broad, and what sound!


I use it for a week, but I spent some time hacking away ...

I have used for years and plugins GuitarRig TonelabST Vox, this little pedal is well above.

I bought in the U.S. with two other models in the series (the VT-Bass and Liverpool), both excellent too!
The shipping costs are available on the site when you take three pedals at once I had the 3 for 120 euros each! (Passed through customs, perhaps some will have less chance)

This seems expensive for a pedal that simulates an amp, while the ToneLab which costs the same as most other 33 simulates effects ... But the sound is so much better, warmer, more dynamic, the quality / price ratio is worth the trip (especially at 120 euros).

The big difference between this pedal and simulators I've had before is that before I spent hours on these gas works out good sound, and now I will have to spend hours choosing my among the almost infinite palette of sounds fantastic to me that opens!

I had a look on the schematics of the plug, of Liverpool and the British ... Each time, there are only two values ​​of resistance and a capacitor value that varies. One would think a scam, but liverpool and the blonde is actually completely different ... The electronics of these creatures is of the utmost subtlety!

Anyway, I do not regret that choice, and feel free to stroll on, prices are not quite the same as in Europe! As soon as I bail out a few myself, I control the reverb and the Oxford of the same mark who seems to sound very good ...