Tech 21 SansAmp Original
Tech 21 SansAmp Original

SansAmp Original, Guitar Amp Simulation Pedal from Tech 21 in the SansAmp series.

Jumikael 04/30/2011

Tech 21 SansAmp Original : Jumikael's user review

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(You can find tests also seeking the SansAmp Classic, which is similar).

This is primarily an analog amp simulator.
But it can also be a pedal overdrive / distortion very effective, or multi-use pedal that allows you to sculpt the sound of his amp. Level simulations, the SansAmp imitates the sound Marshall (JCM 800), Fender (Twin Reverb), and Mesa Boogie. adjustments would (according to the manual) to approach a Vox AC30 amps and other well known.

It consumes, it seems, very little: 5mA.


Not easy at first, but quickly intuitive. Each setting has a real impact on the sound.

What the manual says:

. Switch on the side:
- LEAD: For the types of pre-amplifiers Marshall ®, with brightened midrange and treble.
- NORMAL: For the type of pre-amp Mesa Boogie ®, with a neutral EQ.
- BASS: For the type of pre-Fender ®. Excellent for rhythm guitar as well as for bass.

. Knobs:
- DRIVE PRESENCE Affects the contours of pre-amplifier in the mid-high. Set up a crunch sound.
- AMP DRIVE Acts on the contours of the power amplifier. Set up for a heavy distortion.
- OUTPUT Sets the overall output level.
- HIGH EQ Final Rule. Compensates for acute guitar amplifiers in concert.

. Tiny white switches:
# 1. Mid-Boost I
# 2. Mid-Boost II
# 3. Drive Low For The EQ pre-amps in the bass. When ON, it has a neutral frequency response. When OFF, it acts as a highpass filter. For a more portly, turn ON.
# 4. Clean Cleans Amp overdrive. Excellent for rhythmic sounds hatched.
# 5. Bright Switch Adds clarity (brightness) when the button "Amplifier Drive" is low. The best results are obtained when the button "Amplifier Drive" is half as there will be no effect if the maximum.
# 6. Vintage Tube Sound becomes more soft and warm.
# 7. Speaker Edge Adds to its presence.
# 8. Close miking Recreates the sound of a microphone placed near a speaker, and slightly enhances the bass.


From words of some artists, like Robin Trower (which is the same, whatever one thinks of this guitarist, a stickler for sound) is the best simulation of Marshall who are.
Apart from simulating Marshall is also quite extra. I do not know particularly well the Fender, but in all cases, the SansAmp rings. Yes, even in its clear. I say this because many see this as a pedal or overdrive channel OD. That's a preamp, clear channel or saturated.

From my point of view: a revelation, I have never sounded better, if not on the tube amp in the studio that I can not afford. And yet, all tube amps do not sound as good (like the Marshall JCM 900 if that tells you something).
I begin, I think, have enough experience to distinguish what sounds or not. The SansAmp is ringing, and even sublime it my sound, it is used in ID on my HP, or plugged into my modest Pignose amp (practice at home for this amp, I highly recommend).

I heard people around here claim that this tool is exceeded by the Pod, it was right at the time of our parents ... Me, I got full digital amp simulators, the latest pod hd. These devices, although very nice, are crushed by the SansAmp, literally. In terms of sound quality I mean of course. For if there are many possibilities on the SansAmp, the pod offer even more gadgets, so the interest is not quite the same. Indeed, some may prefer the simulation of Pod who knows? The side a bit cold and digital can please I guess. But for me the SansAmp is a grain, a warmth. I feel like the sound of the artists I love, and the sound is very inspiring (I note also that my favorite artists are artists enough lately).


I use it recently, but it was a revelation. Since she never leaves the "on" position, is to say ...
I do not know what value the character series, I have not tried.
For the SansAmp GT2 mouais ... I really did not like.
The Pod, I said what I thought in comparison.

I would do whatever happens this election, and I even thought of me get a second I think:)