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Vox Tonelab SE
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noirstalons 07/12/2005

Vox Tonelab SE : noirstalons's user review


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Does everything said above .... a wonder ede tchonologie without too many buttons and decision-head


- Is simple .... you know rgler an amp? ben c and such .... the pedals? c such as ....
- Too easy I have since yesterday and recorded my GoJ banks of effects ...
- A manual? yes very well done by a guy who touches the bottom and gives a good REFERENCE ... the manual for? yes ... the first 30 minutes


- Ralistes, yes ... you want to play a marshall? a vox AC15? c, well done!
- I use a les paul and a Start ... well nothing to say ...
- I have not seen dplaiz sounds to me, that I love? DIARY sound with all the effects programsa the origin and CH A / B


- 2 days ... and I do not regret .... gt beginners to come to a GT8 ...
- The most: very intuitive ... everything is customizable .... everything is idiot if you had the pedals one after the other with rglages and everything
- WG8 but I immediately stopped .... it seems to play a synth ... and thank you headings -> sub-sections -> menu- -> sub menu .....
the vndeur said the tonelan to 2 days of manipulation with the GT8 .... 20 days ...
- I got a great price ... so no comment
- I would do ... but good 2 c as a. .. I have not used a koi!

------ As the warm lights, the bag very useful because the beast is 3.8 kg .... a real bb!