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Vox Tonelab SE
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tino78 02/15/2005

Vox Tonelab SE : tino78's user review


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Everything said before t adj.
For me it is largely complete. Need too burdened by unnecessary things.
The connections are, in my case, sufficient.
Shuffled numrique / lamp. Remember that the lamp is not Submitted a lamp pramp.
I am going to Paris center effect, and the guy held me firmly that was why (bravo professionalism, not even covered the manual ....) this seller
It serves as a mini power amp power circuit. VR allows gain to control this one. It does not turn since the tensions that are appliques are Minin. Only one LED illuminates the whole. Note that the ToneLab SE takes a while sound, apparently the time the mini circuit heat lamp.


The use of the machine is clearly easier. The manual provides a good approach, and everything is clearly explained, with tips, anecdotes etc.
You just need time to find these brands, then everything is done quickly. A small BMOL rglages on the initial position a parameter is only visible via 'origin' on the LCD, but hey it's normal since everything with knobs that RULES are not motoriss.
The edition is when even sounds super simple, I had a multi BOSS before and I find it more intuitive and really fast.


I wanted an amp simulator in order to work sounds, make me a little ear distos on the overdrive, lead sounds, rhythms and so on. I also wanted the effects of relatively good quality for use on stage.
The ToneLab is truly comprehensive.
In dpart I just deu t, I turned the knobs all over the place and I was not completely satisfied. It is imperative properly connected the ToneLab. I started using it on my amp and it was not terrible. By removing the cab of simulation ca becomes much more fun. It must be plugged into the PA and how to LN (line). I then try to plug it into my hi fi rotten, and the sound became much more fun. It really gets the momentum, the feeling in the sound, I'm really surprised. You have to work these rglages if we want a sound you love. It is not as complete a POD level effect, and Luckily! I have already struggling to manage everything, so I am concentrating on SETTING THE bases, and that's enough for it. Then I try on a good amp with speaker HIFI 200W 150W and serious ca dmnage serious! It's amazing, I could not believe it. Sounds clean, clear, hot, prcis, drooling, crystalline, it can really have it all. Some tell that distos are not very violent, well I know what they need. By mixing a pro co, the simulation Hi gain too much load gain is obtained already good sound of the chainsaw to good nag.
I confess I am rather rock / hard rock but that mtal ca dmnage not bad, its basically saturated.
Expression pedals are a good dbatement. Other parameters, nothing to say. The wha are interesting, you can configure a lot of parameters.
I use the ToneLab SE with a Gibson LP Studio, and the sound of the guitar sounds too saturated is really good respect for the numerator.

A large volume (very loud) you get a sound a little too sharp. You either have a equalizer out (but bcp of breath) have a neutral amp equalization. Ca hard and well as it should, you get the sound you want, low or high volume. But beware the rglages change much from one another.

For the home studio, it's nothing to say niquel, the simulation of cabs is interesting in re-cutting the eq for the future is quickly done well, and it sounds from hell!


I for a month, nothing to say it's solid, the bag is handy.
Most are its dynamics, the sound palette ranges, sounds cleans the fach of very good quality edition of the patch via MIDI and rel, these classic effects, but effective, the posibility to control for the live (A / B switch, button control, two expression pedals.

The only problem is the fact that you can not used more effects pedals section at the same time.
We must make choices. But we can add a pedal insert beginners chain, or use the effects loop for adding favorites effect.

The quality is exceptional price for me. We have a simulator and a pedal for live. Sounds are Nickel is one takes the time to rgler, or patches of Use of those who know rgler;)
EDIT APRS ten of me:

Well just as happy! Or even more.
It really is super convenient and the sound palette is really excellent. I redcouvre sounds all the time, and I gladly add more effects to enrich without altrer.
My LP sounds just as good, and a layer of good quality in it is a marvel.
And the only regret not being able to insrer a distortion pedals with a wah or a fuzz or Univibe etc. (in short all the pedals is not Dublic section), but with the A / B switch or by changing the patch (no latency) goes niquel ca.
If you try the ToneLab, ask a good sound system, turn up the volume, plug it a good scratch, a jcm 800 cab with the AD412, all the knobs of the amp except moit VR gain a background c bluffing, excellent, I can not get enough. Try also with the vox (well short with all the amps;))
I would do without this choice problem!