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Vox Tonelab SE
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le reverend 02/10/2005

Vox Tonelab SE : le reverend's user review


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Full effect, I have not done the trick. The classical, gnral unless a filter, to be seen.
There is simultaneously in the air, sr.
There are a publisher Mac / PC Tlcharger (2.7 MW).
Connectivity noon but no digital audio output. The Tonelab, there was the release numrique but not the effects loop. The Tonelab SE, there are the effects loop but not out numrique: in short, is the butter or eat it. I prfre the effects loop, I will be a more useful I think.

<p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>Is this a rack or rack MODEL?</span> Ben dj as I said in another opinion, this is as always, must cough up for it.
That said, it is the rack, but in this case you really get the leg to operate the switches is not very practical. And I have more 20 years.


Ease of use:
- For simulation models: as with an amp. You turn the knobs for gain, EQ and volume, fastoche.
- To the effect: the explicit use of buttons, too. Easy, even for a scratch.
- For simulations pedals: the same as for the effects. Soooo easy.

Even easier with the software, the rle of the buttons is carrment indicated depending on the type of effect is applied.

There is a choice in the routing effects.
We can insert an external pedal, and more simulations dj Submitted pedals (I think I'll put my little Rotosphere me that I love).
Two control pedals: has twice as many possibilities as other multi. One for volume and one for ... what you want! (Almost)
(Only problem: when I play standing up, if I use the two pedals of CONTRL simultanment, I break the figure and has a night and my concentration adcrdibilise my game for me Submitted scne the Star'Ac '5).

Use the top, so ... (Even I am confused is to say)



Sound quality: not too bad for the presets. As I do the guitar, I will not use the presets that 95% of cases! (Take me to the cabbage). The other 5% I will like everyone else, j'achterai another multi-effects with the sound I'm looking for!!

Seriously, good effects trs configurable. We must find happiness, whatever looks like his (ouiiiii, even metallics!).
I have not notice too much for simulations of pedals (stomp boxes I mean, I speak no sissy simulations, pffff) n'tant not a big consumer. If the bass distortion works well, I can say it has.



I use the machine for several months. The sound is good, look good, use not seem too complex, the weight is heavy, made strong (What? 6 kg?? OK then 6 kg)

I tried the same MODELS waters, but they seemed less suited my sound color (the blue, rock).
BOSS: BOSS's too typ. I do not know why, I do not like too Boss. But not come with a m'embter, I tell you that I do not know why.
LINE 6: cost a lot Pod XT Pro. Well, but the clean sounds and crunch seemed set back from the Vox. In addition, c'tait more.
DIGITECH: no, I'm really the FCH with them now.

Finally, a note not bad, wwwwouuuuall.

Adding After a few months of using the house.
Sounds really good, just as convenient to use.
I plugged in my Mesa DC5 (sometimes in between the guitar, sometimes in return effects), a good good sounds good ...
I confirm the good impression I had. And notes.