Vox Tonelab SE
Vox Tonelab SE
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Negraval 01/10/2005

Vox Tonelab SE : Negraval's user review


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All t adj said on this subject. Usefulness of the lamp ..... I also have doubts (unless it's beautiful in the dark), but hey you can not vrifier then you believe.


Using super simple. The ergonomics are perfect for a guy like me who dtest navigate menus and submenus and prfre far turn of knobs.
The interface is so well done that the manual, also not very big, is almost superfluous. IT is useful nanmoins trs this manual as it contains mostly advice for rglages of modlisations amp or HP and that's very useful.


The modlisations and effects are really at the top. We go from a super clean the distal-most saturated with no hard problem. There is just enough, no frills, this is why it is simple to use trs. Unlike many other kinds of pedals it does not possde plthore effects, but he does it well fai trs.
Chechi me that long to get close to the famous sound of Hank Marvin Stratocaster with my, well I got there (well almost ....)
Adding to insert a Sansamp GT2 (without putting drive) is the foot! It adds more heat certain sounds (better than the lamp .....)


I only hack it for one week, so I am far from having made the tour.
Quibble on the pedals dbattement which is a bit too low (-1 to score).
That's all I found as a small inconvnient up psent.
It is not given (595) but worth it.
Post-ME-8, well there's no picture! It's really not the same CATEGORY. Mrs GT-6 I had the opportunity to try to get this far is sound quality.