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bongo666 11/09/2005

Behringer V-Amp Pro : bongo666's user review


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Well, here's all dj say. Everything was full of amps that can assign all full of baffles.
Numrique technology, but with an output double analgesic Ultra-G direct XLR to attack a console.
Patches are ditables tlchargeable and free at Behringer (or other fan sites although sr). There is even a program to convert POD patches in patches V-Amp.
In terms of connectivity, there's everything!


The configuration is very simple .... gnrale A condition not to be based on the original manual. APRS, once it's gone, roll youth.
The edition of the effects seemed simple enough at shooting buttons, but to find his sound .. It's hellish! There are so many possibilities that no one knows which way the head.
Regularly, the leaves for her to find me a nag and I finished with a bluesy sound and vice versa. Not life grand?
8 for the manual shabby, but once you understood the subtleties 2 or 3, rolls without a problem.


L adcoiffe .... For the price, we can expect the sounds of "superb" quality like gnrs by the late RA-5 to Ibanez ..... Well no, it is monstrous enough to be honest.
S to say that modlisations are Russia, I do not know, I board not jou of 5% modliss amps, but in any case, the sound palette is huge !
The Fender modlisations are quite spectacular, as Marshall. Level Mesa is not the panacea, but there's good rglages to do amps and "Custom" V-amp allow other follies, clear sound great attack by the compressor tr s is the saturation effective ... killer (even a bit too) ...
For big sound, but I still use my pedals Shred Master of saturated grain so special. And joy: the V-amp audio on the Personal'm just like when I plugged into the amp.
My guitar is a Lag Roxanne Floyd Prestige, and it also does not lose (too much) his personality in this ddale numrique.
Add a cel that there ais no noise gnrs by the camera (except when my washing machine is running or my computer screen is lit well from sr. ..)
In short, you'll understand: I am delighted by this bug. As often with numrique the Satus end up making too fat "bee", but, unlike my old Digitech pdalier, the V-amp is able to cash my Shred PForm without sound, I have my happiness in all the sounds wishes.
Never test live, but at least for the home studio is impeccable.


All dj t say.
Difficult to criticize this machine as a whole is the ridiculous price.
The report price is unbeatable quality and even more opportunity.

When I would do whether this choice: If in another life I end up rich, I would take a house big enough to have a home, my heads Randall Mesa and Fender, and all the fuss of analog pedals. Like the one I have a small budget, I would do so this choice, again and again.