Line 6 POD XT Pro
Line 6 POD XT Pro
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theatreonirique 09/02/2005

Line 6 POD XT Pro : theatreonirique's user review


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Amp simulator / multi purpose
with a large variety of HP amps and microphones.
effects in quantitbr /> the best of the best, a USB port to connect a computer pod ..
gnial for the edition of sounds, with the free program has on the site of line 6.
an output for an effects loop and MIDI ports do you want in sailing


One word: gnial
the use of the BTE is just incredibly easy.
select the amplifiers is comfortable, changing paramtres is extremely fast, is intuitive, clear and functional. BRAVO
one big downside: the impossibility of mapping to noon. which is really rather boring.
when calling a pdalier noon on a program for example, is impossible to have another program that one of the pod. forcing to the sounds in order. what is vraimant rlant.
deuxime black spot, lack of user memory.
if you want CRER a sound, it is necessary to crasis a factory. and they are pretty well screwed. a pity ...


Here too, two points trs DIFFERENT:
The first is the amp simulation is simply amazing.
when you select a fender amp sound is Arelle the sound of the amp.
ditto for a mesa, etc ... same quality in the clean sounds in the saturation. cool
in terms of effects, plus the same speech. bcanne for this quality set of effects as mdiocres is a shame. was not a Rocktron Polyval, in effect.
for recording quality you have to forget the pod and add a single multi purpose.
but this time, the problem of mapping points back twelve o'clock the tip of his nose and becomes a bit boring.


I do not spare more. is standard. I Gmajor coupled with, and I sound that kills.
Once the problem rsolu effects, what freedom was the best of everything. clear sounds great with simulations and fender Satus that kills ... etc.. only downside is the mapping, but once the sound program, it is the foot.
plus the price is affordable for a quality pro.
forgotten by one against the effects if we want to take the road.
o the total lack of INRETS for something like pod xt live ......