Line 6 POD XT Pro
Line 6 POD XT Pro
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sin 03/21/2005

Line 6 POD XT Pro : sin's user review


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Prampli / multi-effects guitar modlisation.
MODELS 32 amp (the darker the more clbre)
Lots of HP and effects! (Also modliss)
MODELS 4 microphones (SM57/421 ...)
I believe the guitar from the front is converted to 32bit ... up to 96Khz!
I / O numriques S / PDIF coax and AES / EBU XLR
USB port for the publishing and recording on computer
Analog outputs with XLR and Jack
Effects loop and line level input
Taking "Ethernet" for pdalier control (no need for power supply. And possibility of "pull" the cable of more than 200 meters!)
Internal power supply


Super intuitive to use ... Sets the Manir is a classic amp scratch (Drive / Bass / Mid / Treble / Presence) which does not droutra friends with long hair;)
It will even when they start endless encoders (bah!? Is your knob kass!) 4 in number, they greatly facilitate the publishing and are plutt enjoyable (though the two little ones are a bit small!)
The manual is fun and educational trs providing all the photos and the modlisations CHARACTERISTICS. Moreover, it is filled with anecdotes "interresting".


Then the silence ... Hat boys ... (I hear the guys from Line6).
J'tais not a big big fan of AmpFarm on ProTools, but the guitar is great!
We spend Gibsons Les Paul Classic Custom and in the fact grve ... The sound is warm and clean while keeping power. You also discovering that your old rotten rapes resume the bull by the bte ... The modlisations are superb (the Blackface Deluxe aaahhh. .. ...) and to have used (for real) some amps included, they "sound" trs close or better than the originals (!?!) given that both guys have the best slctionns MODELS every time ... (After 1000 analiss JCM-800, there is a p't'tre that sounds!). The modlisations HP and effects are the same invoice. It can also be used exclusively as a multi-effects, analog dlais are terrible (Echoplex, Memory Man, Roland Tape Echo, Multihead ...) and even the rverbes dchirent .. .


Finally you can have a sound of scratching PERFECT scne in the studio and at home without having to buy 3 Mesa-Boogie, Soldano 1, an HP tower and a fleet of pickups! (And a cabin able to put everything trs fort!). No need to be a producer amricain to record guitars dchirent ...
Line6 has also had the good rev IDE to add a prampli studio lamp to pass anything in it (according Line6) ... Basically it takes two to process a source stro! 3 with the Bass Pod! if, if, like 'em too ... (To pass through my flute!).
By the way, is it necessary to prciser, the report qualitprix is ​​deadly! (~ 750). It should be worth double that and it also has that I want two!