JJ / Tesla ECC83 S
JJ / Tesla ECC83 S

ECC83 S, Guitar Amp Tube from JJ / Tesla.

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N2h2 10/10/2011

JJ / Tesla ECC83 S : N2h2's user review

«  Lamp warm, rounded sound. »

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Equivalent 12AX7, this lamp has a good gain.

Predominance in the lower mids sound and serious, this tube will heat a roundness and its too bright or garish.

I use it instead of the cathode follower (drive of reverb and tone stack) sometimes on a floor or clean crunch to bring him round if I find it too loud.

A Good tube which I never had a problem with microphonics by some easily lead against the breath on the floors of distortion.

I use this for jazz, blues, or to "darken" the sound of an amp with too high treble that will easily screaming.

However I strongly discourages the amp "dark" or if you want a sharp distortion, because the lamp quickly sift the aggressiveness of a distortion.

Also I would not recommend to mount a receiver complete with lamps that since this causes a big loss of momentum and shine.

Finally a good lamp, but used in specific situations.