Marshall JMP-1
Marshall JMP-1

JMP-1, Guitar amplification from Marshall.

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iamqman 04/06/2011

Marshall JMP-1 : iamqman's user review

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Marshall has taken the biggest hold on the guitar amplifier world and completely pissed it down the drain. Sure people will still buy amps from them because they don't know what Marshall is now and they have some a strong hold on the market. Don't get me wrong I love Marshall the way Marshall used to sound. Now they just put out trash after trash. This preamp is no different. At least they discontinued this unit for now. I hope they are re configuring this thing because it sound like trash!


* OD-1/Classic Overdrive channel - smoldering power will take you from a Super Lead Plexi's molten gold through to searing modern metal.

* OD-2/Modern Hi-Gain channel - tightly focused high gain drive by the truckload. Modern and aggressive, yet fluid and toneful, this stunning channel will give you all the distortion and sustain you'll ever need.

* Clean 1/Warm, Clean channel - for warm, full bodied chords, fat clean lead passages and jazz tones.

* Clean 2/Bright, Clean channel - has the glassy edge of a JTM45 and will give all of the bright, jangly tones you could wish for.

* Each channel includes the following programmable controls: Volume and Gain (0 to 20), Bass, Middle, Treble and presence (rainging from -6 to +6). A Bass Shift option re-shapes the low end character of each channel, too.

* Stereo Effect Loop is 100% programmable from 0 (fully dry) to 12 (full effects) and has level selection (-10dB or +4d) to match your effects processor.

* Each channel and parameter selection is made by pushing the relevant key and then adjusted by using the rotary Master Data control. Once you've dialed in a sound you want to savem simply press the Store Key twice. Recall is instant either from the front panel, via the optional Marshall 4 way footswitch (MPM4E), or via MIDI.

* The JMP-1 has MIDI IN, OUT, and THRU connections plus a mapping facility. You can also select the channel (1-16/Omni) on which MIDI messages are transmitted and received by the JMP-1.

* Left and Right Outputs are switchable between -10dB and +4dB.

* Also features Speaker Emulated Outputs.

* Dimensions: 1 U Rack (260mm depth)

* Weight (Kg): 4.5

* Preamp Valves: 2 x ECC83 (12AX7A)

* Footpedal: MPM4E (optional)


It does have tubes in it but who would have known. It sounds very sterile and fake. This is a beginners intro to preamps. I know that Janick from Iron Maiden uses this preamp but I'm not sure if he has it with anything else or if it is modified.

Anyway, you can control a host of presets with midi functionality. So it is quick to fire up a preset sound on the fly for gigging.


The sound you get from this unit is sub par. Many users of Marshall over the years have said that this is Marshall's worst offering that they have ever created. There is nothing this thing can do to make it sound natural or anything like a JMP or a JCM 800. It is just bad!


It does have a Marshall British tone but it isn't something that you will enjoy playing will. You can find these units for around $500 or so used but save a few more bucks and get yourself a JCM 800 used. Slap a Boss SD-1 in front of it and you will get a tremendously better tone than you will ever get with this piece of tin.

I woulnd't recommend this preamp to anyone with the money that thy are going for. If you get it for free then maybe but save your self some time and effort and just move on past this. If you need decent preamp get an AD MP1 and get it modified for what you'd pay for this thing.