Marshall JMP-1
Marshall JMP-1

JMP-1, Guitar amplification from Marshall.

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eldorum 11/01/2007

Marshall JMP-1 : eldorum's user review


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Everything has been said already
Just one defect: no input on the front panel.
a pity


Very, very easy to use.
Basic controls: bass, mid, treble, presence, and a bass boost that has a stronger effect on the fullness of the sound rather than the lows, which I love...
Midi is very, very easy as well, once you find the right channel lol


Well, I think people who say this amp is not for metal are wrong.
There you go, I've said it lol
I have long sought for the perfect distortion preamp... and I've had some, a rocktron and another one, I even have a jackson preamp (not lee jackson but the brand, jackson, like the guitars) but it still lacks that special something.
You just have to look at the biggest bands and they all use or have used it: iron maiden, megadeth, metallica... but the most important thing is to find your own sound and I love the heavy metal sound from 1980, '85 and the early '90s. It's the perfect preamp.
Clean 1 is the one I use, I have my own settings but it is very soft with a slight brilliance to it, but I think you can also achieve a very crystalline sound
Clean 2 is more hollow, but the highs are too much, I personally don't use it
od 1 I don't use either but it's a good crunch even if it lacks some power
od 2 is perfect. I crank the gain all the way up and play with the guitar's volume for different styles. It's great and I can even manage to get a clean steve vai sound, it's awesome. With the mids all the way up I get a very tight sound that I love, and boy does it rock!


I've used it for a while and I can only say: thank you marshall. You can find it secondhand at very reasonable prices. On the other hand, new it's really expensive, but still less than a TriAxis...
It's a petty good preamp, plus it's really sturdy (I know because the screws on my rack are too short and it's fallen twice already). And it works perfectly fine
Seriously, if you love blues, rock, hard rock, heavy metal, and good ol' trash with a marshall sound it is perfect, for black and other genres with a change of tubes or a distortion before it, it should be good.
Enjoy everybody!!