Marshall JMP-1
Marshall JMP-1

JMP-1, Guitar amplification from Marshall.

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jimmy6170 04/21/2005

Marshall JMP-1 : jimmy6170's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
JMP1 my opinion:
I had and still have a lot of Marshall JCM800, JCM900 and utiliss 30th anniversary with one or two boxes Marshall1960 ct effects and a GForce.
For JMP1 I associate a Marshall EL34 100/100 and GFORCE and control everything by pdalier MIDI


Super easy, easy to get good sound, easy rgler, the manual is almost useless.
Unless you want to reset all the presets in the original configuration that I have done APRS have bought used.
L You can Tlcharger the manuel.Il is clear but in English


As I've mostly covers of rock and blues more than I needed "rglages" To be able to adapt my sound to the current track (I use a basic standard Les Paul or a Start with noiseless pickups or hack e with Hotrail according to need).
So I opt for a Marshall and pRSET JMP1 since there were programmable, while saying that most basic sound would be similar what I knew.
JMP1 for me it's all good, it's super easy to program and the big one finds Marshall's, I would say even in the best way to narrow down since there based on need and scratches. B I love the voicing for the modern
Mistreaded Deep Purple with a stratum or TUSH ZZ TOP with a Les Paul, these are the sounds that ncessitent rglages radically DIFFERENT. Prprogramms with presets, one close enough to the original sound that has to do it and especially it is found just by pushing a button on the pdalier (what comfort)!
Marshall clean sound is great but will never gnial, I was covered well enough for me and my needs well! (Eg Sweet home Alabama or rhythmic style arpge Still Got The Blues Gary Moore, the fact 100%).
Ct Crunch, there are ways to get closer to LIVE sounds of Stevie Ray Vaughan, particulirement using the A and voicing .... good strat with ropes pulling big!
In résumé I'd say like all guitarists, there is always a time when I can not find the sound pil hair I want to hear with the amp (or scratches) on which I play, but 99% I take my foot with JMP1 and configuration I use.


I use it for 6 months
Strengths: sound quality of Marshall, convenience and great palettes rglages prprogrammes.
I use the same SETTING THE base with a little more volume and often a little more effect on a preset diffrent to spend his rhythm his "solo".
350 bought used for me is also a very good report quality price for the pro stuff.
Then, as I always conclude by saying that the sound is when the same scratch that does, but a good versatile gear has given comfort and broad the range of possibilities!
If you like the blues rock of Hendrix and Metallica, you can not go wrong with a JMP1 and EL34 100/100, is a sr!