Marshall JMP-1
Marshall JMP-1

JMP-1, Guitar amplification from Marshall.

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Philou13bis 08/21/2003

Marshall JMP-1 : Philou13bis's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Tube amp (2 lamps 12 AX7 or equivalent ECC83 marshall if I remember correctly)
2 clean sounds
Two distorted sounds
A guitar input, an effects loop, 2Quit (stereo) single or two simulation outputs with HP marshall ...
Model 1 rack unit


Config simple very intuitive, you select a sound (or light saturated, you set the gain, the EQ with knobs, the overall volume, the effect of% we save the patch if you want to store by pressing the desired number cake ..
a little trouble with control pedals PM: No. 1 of the pedal called No. 0 preamp .... it's a detail that's true but when you tweak a sound (coupled with a generator effect) c is always annoying to call the program No. 135 of box 134 is effective and the marshall .... it crashes easily


Good color is necessarily MARSHALL preamp ....
I like it .... on the other hand no large saturation
not very versatile
on 21/08/03; Well actually dragged long after the forum I decided to put the lamps 12ax7LP premium Sovtek and there I remained stuck in fishing, grain, so I increase sustain the base note to 9 / 10


I for 1 year, purchased about 300 euros new price 1000 euro
I like the sound of my saturated preamp ..... and sounds clear but not too
on the other hand I have to add a layer of saturation with my boss to get more sounds distos ...
I bought OCCAZ very good value for money .... I do not regret my choice
if one day I leave finally it seems that it is indestructible, I prefer a no amp .....
21/08/2003 with the new lights the sound is very distinctive but very hot, especially punchy!!
clean sounds are almost immediately crunch is bluffing. JMP1 Please buy the bones and put lamps 32 euros les2