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Rocktron Voodu Valve
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kyfran95 12/15/2004

Rocktron Voodu Valve : kyfran95's user review


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T already said everything below ... Just read ...

but I will add to CHARACTERISTICS, the possibility to download patches (medium quality Rocktron via the website and this same version not online.


Using the bte ...
Well ... Then use pure, the Voodu Valve is relatively easy to use ...
- Rotate -> find the bank's -> and press Restore

Some sounds are widely exploited factory ds departure.

regarding the Fast Fashion sounds, it s another matter ...
4 years that I have the beast, I always had doubts about the proper use of EQ ... Post and Pre ...

Effects for the rest ... no problem ... SETTINGS force has become the same machine between diffrent


I play mainly rock and heavy and I must say that not a Rocktron pale face has registered more onreuses ...
The clean sounds are excellent ... good bite, nice sound especially well modulated.
Saturated sounds, like. You can reach a large range of Satus sympathoche well.

The only (very) large snag machine my taste, it's the damn light ... Why there is only you it?? Sounds dire need of heat ...
But ... by repeating 'or in concert, the sounds are well go ... the above has no inquitude have. But other scratch my face with his JMP1 + Intelliflex, we feel the diffrence heat.

HP part simulator is against just great!! it transcends the sounds of a force!!


Before purchasing the voodu, I turned on a lot of entry-level machine ... Art through Boss and Marshall ... I even had an artist taboo ...
Voodu the valve is by far the most complete and best pramp + effects at the sound of what I could try 1U rack (without having to exceed one thousand euros).

That said, I'm back to a configuration nanmoins 1rack pramp and a multi-effects rack (intelliflex), to recover the heat that I missed (by my aid and my peavey 50/50 Marshall 1960)

voodu but the valve is a great value ... and remains one of the stuff I most aim.