Bsm BM-Q Special
Bsm BM-Q Special

BM-Q Special, Guitar/Bass booster from Bsm.

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alkje 06/20/2009

Bsm BM-Q Special : alkje's user review


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Treble booster with silicone in the category "high gain" of at BSM.
This is the replica of Brian May (an evolution of the Rangemaster with more teeth), designed to get the sounds of May.
So this pedal boosts the high frequencies, that everyone can imagine, this is less known is that it also boosts the mids and it adds a warmth and presence "wild" sound.


Use could not be more simple since no adjustment is possible on this pedal, at first I feared the lack of volume knob but this pedal is very responsive to guitar volume of the blow you can play with a little as with a fuzz.
One regret though: the lack of led, then of course we hear immediately if the pedal is working or not but a small LED is not rocket science ...


I am a huge fan of the signature sound of Brian May, to use "the old Queen", nothing helps me to do as well as this pedal coupled to an AC30!
Of all other treble booster I've tried, none has approached the BM-Q, but what I like most is that it allowed me to get the best of my microphones and discover the incredible overdrive my amp: more light, more dynamic, much more sustain ...
Unable to get a bad sound: if so, the problem will come from your guitar and / or your amp but not the BM-Q!
Then of course, is that there is better way to approach the sound of May, Gilmour or Clapton but beyond that this pedal you will mostly find new sounds and develop your own sound.


"The Professional English guitarists best kept secret" in French: "the best kept secret of the English pro guitarists", certainly the secret is now somewhat less well preserved but the treble boost is a unique effect and a BM-Q treble booster exceptional.