Fulltone Fat-Boost FB-2
Fulltone Fat-Boost FB-2

Fat-Boost FB-2, Guitar/Bass booster from Fulltone.

gédébor houston 01/07/2009

Fulltone Fat-Boost FB-2 : gédébor houston's user review


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This is the pedal for a boost / overdrive soft deuxime opus of the famous "fatboost" regarding the contrl, very simple: volume, drive, small New: Two potentiomtres bass and treble for the fawn's (and remains active once the pedal dsenclenche allowing particular have a very fine and customized rglage This seems a very good point).

Cluck of food, it is possible to connect adapters 9v 18v (as on other pedals of the brand, including fulldrive II Mosfet), these tensions administered DIFFERENT give a stamp prev rent and increased tonicity to boost and crunch. In terms of battery power, very simple: just 4 screws dfaire solid case for it accder; the interior finishes very clean, the connector the battery is very solid (dtail who can count in this price range and unlike most other famous brands ...) the pedal is not very tasty and good battery can last a good couple of hours.


Like any hardware specific on it ncessite an adjustment period to find their sound, no negatives in short, very quickly forgotten given the richness of sound gear.


That's what we INTERESTED, the sound is simply gnial, a real rgal; we can get a clear and incisive generous (type amp Class-A) to move progressively towards a sweet crunch that will make your guitar sing amps z za lamps. Pushed the drive back, we get a little overdrive typs Fender but more specific on (not replace a more muscular overdrive though). In Manir Gnrale, the "Fat Boost II" as its name indicates boost and "grows" your sound without altrer and enriching the contrary, ideal for a minimalist amp -> Fat Boost 2 -> jack-> tone your guitar or pedal board at the end of the chain effect to restore the juice and I have not tried with a distortion for solos, I passes control of the cot;)
I use it now turns constantly question got.


I use it for about four months, purchased after you heard much about Fulltone and I'm really not, with my strat's a pure joy, and it restores p che my sound. I also like his cot color thanks to the various feeding options, besides a battery voltage discharge lightly brings a little more crunch pais is very agr Able to handle the microphones.
This is probably the smartest purchase I've done ... The price new is around 169 euros, investment worth really worth. I will ever buy this without having hsitations its quality. Ideal for a guitarist intgrit conscious of its sound, thank you Fulltone