Hugue310 04/02/2011

Palmer PDI-03 : Hugue310's user review

«  loadbox yes no simulation »

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The palmer PDI-03 is a fairly simple simulator cabs, which also loadbox and DI.

Several types of cabins available and positions are limited but clearly if we compare the simulated virtual booths.

It uses a filter system and power attenuation. We can then use his head amp (maximum 100 to 120 watts) connected to Palmer that will simulate the sound of a cab without making a sound because you do not need a baffle. However you listen you will need a sound card and a headphone jack as the Palmer did not have (it's a shame for that matter).
We can also put it in its rack.

One branch headed by the amp via the input connection hp in the palmer and we chose is the simulation output (XLR or 6.35) or the direct output (not simulation).
Note that there is an exit thru if you want to use the speaker (at last check).
The advantage being that you can use these outputs at the same time if a sound card has enough inputs (what I could do with the EDIROL FA 101).

The sound is not difficult to change it just have to touch the buttons on the palmer to change the type of cabin and his style and adjust his amplifier if desired.
The manual is still not to my knowledge in French.

Here it really spoils it.

The simulated cabin with my current configuration is zero.
I use a Combi Ultra 112 and frankly if I compare the principle of pulses to simulate the guitars as Palmer said that the PDI-03 can get this bed.

Tested with two heads and every time I get a sound that is not breathing, dynamic zero. In short no interest in simulation and it is a shame because I had bought it.

I've had it for over a year and I keep using it only as loadbox where he does his job (for cons it heats saw the power received).

The object is solid and nice but still sincerely if you do not have a very good amp head, so do not plan to use simulation.
Possibly for the live.
The day I pay a good amp head I will publish this review!