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Jamyz 01/25/2011

Palmer PDI-03 : Jamyz's user review

«  I love its simplicity! »

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Simulator, HP (which among other things save in silence)
Few knobs which makes it simple qq and directly functional
No Power

No particular difficulties
Basically, just read the inscriptions on the rack itself to the connections.
The "manual" (a single sheet I believe) is only useful to know what kind of HP you will use.

I use it by plugging in a head-tube Peavey 5150.
No worries
It's still hot (this is quite normal)

Just have fun with the switches: it sounds fast! very quickly.
That's the advantage of such a tool: A good sound and fast!

For those starting in computer music, breadboards who want to bother too, is an ideal tool.
You set your amp head (in theory, you know well), you plug in the palmer, 2 or 3 adjustments and shoo! All in silence!

With that, I released my first EP, which consitutents my first test and humble autoprod! (A free download on to get an idea of sound)

Used as follows:
Ibanez Universe = 5150 = 03 = Palmer PDI M-Audio Fast Track Ultra 8R

I use it for a year.
I have not tried equivalent, I have scoured the forums to know what the calculator offer.

And I preferred the PDI 03 to 04 by PGA "simplicity" I wanted something that has a good sound without having to mess with knobs 4000.
computer music forces us to touch a little of everything (EQ, compression, etc. ...). mix I was looking for something that sounded so quickly, allowing me to "free" time for the mix (among others ....)

+ What I like: the sound and simplicity
What I like - here again, I knew exactly what my needs at the time and PDI03 answered.

Value for money: bah ah sure it could pay less but the result was the appointment, and the sight of what is done elsewhere, we think that ultimately it's not very expensive. This is not theft.

Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice?
The PDI 03 is one of those little nudges of life, which you can get a result finally really honest with little knowledge and here is interesting: Are you a musician? sound engineer? or simply ... curious;)
Today, my curiosity led me to find other means of recordings, offering more than opportunities that the palmer.

But without hesitation, I would do such a choice for the reasons given above + which can be summarized in two words: simplicity and its