Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo VB-101

Torpedo VB-101, Guitar Cabinet Simulator from Two Notes Audio Engineering in the Torpedo series.

Public price: $2,099 VAT
quash1 09/29/2012

Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo VB-101 : quash1's user review

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need more amps, bafles, microphone for recording a guitar or bass, everything is there.
Finally, you can:
- Or use the amp and plug it directly into the torpedo, then we choose the model of speaker you want (many models, 1 or 2 models are available in most every 2 months I think), then the model of micro 8 total that is positioned as you want + many parameters settings to sculpt the sound.
- Either plug your guitar directly into the line
since this update I no longer use my amp
I plug + guitar pedal compressor, chorus, compressor + torpedo + Lexicon MX400 (as I come out in stereo) and the sound card fireface800 of rm.

studio use
yes everything is clear and simple and detailed manual in FRENCH downloadable online.
the Torpedo Remote is the software that manages the VB101 his pc, tuning, backup ... etc, everything is done from the software if you do not want to do direct VB101


I tried many config for recording a guitar and the torpedo is what he does best (in my opinion) for 20 years I play and it is FRENCH
you can even play live if the guy has a baffle, everything is planned.
fender strat and JP6

from the start of its output

excellent price / quality

Team two notes is the onions with us Song (y'en and little, are found mostly on the remote which is updated regularly, so it is normal, but the bugs are light and n ' preclude its use) and a solution is found on a new or updated since before the team score two answer to all the problems on his forum (hat).

I would buy the same eyes closed if mine had me drop.
I even bought the plug in the bass is also excellent
and it is FRENCH éhhéhééhéhéhéhéh