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Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble
Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble
MGR/Tim Heath MGR/Tim Heath

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Published on 04/09/04 at 15:00
Been after one of these for ages, as i needed a decent chorus effects unit. I bought mine for the reduced price of £63.00 from Nevada Music in Plymouth UK.

Whats great about this unit is that you can achieve virtually any chorus effect going, from the watery "Come As You Are" to the crazy chorus effect as used on "Radio Friendly Unit Shifter"-two chorus fuelled Nirvana classics! The best thing with this tool is that you can spend hours tweaking the pots to get some really weird chorus effects, and there is a small booklet provided that gives you some sample settings, that you can use as a basis for your experimentation. This unit works well with and without distortion effects.

Cant find any faults with this unit.

Construction is typical of Boss as you would always expect from certainly one of the best effects producers in the music business. All boss stomp boxes are well constructed, dont break easily, they look cool and last for years-thats quality for you!

This CE-5 is certainly an up-grade on the Super Chrous, and its deffinately better. Whatever you play this unit should do the job for you, and at reasonable price. Sure there are Chorus effects like the Electro Harmonix Sterio Poly Chorus, which really does take some beating, but the CE-5 can do most of the things it can do just as well. I would not want to be without a decent Ice Box and i would recommend the Boss CE-5 any day. Its a great little unit that takes some beating.

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