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DOD FX65 Stereo Chorus
DOD FX65 Stereo Chorus
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« Killer budget chorus »

Published on 07/31/11 at 19:04
- Controls for speed, time, and depth
- Stereo outs
- Side mounted jacks
- Powered by 9v batter or DOD style 1/8th inch adapter
- Top mounted battery compartment
- LED indicator


The Good:
The addition of a time knob gives you a little more control over the fx65 than you would find on a standard chorus. It’s a simple plug and play pedal that sounds fantastic, and they have survived for a while so pretty reliable.

The Bad:
I still worry about the construction of the actual stomp section. The plastic seems fragile, and is only connected at the top end. The battery compartment has the potential to fall off completely and get lost. The most frustrating aspect is the design of the adapter jack. You can get adapters that will allow you to use a standard boss style plug, but it is an extra step that you have to take.


Fantastic. Do yourself a favor and try it in stereo. Definitely one of the best sounding chorus pedals in this price range, and none of the volume drop issues that comparable pedals seem to go through. The fx65 can do anything from a slight warble to underwater madness. Probably not the most intense throbbing type of chorus if that’s what you’re after. Perfect for 80s stuff, but really adds a great shimmer to any clean channel.


This is till my favorite budget chorus. No, it doesn’t sound quite as good as a Jam Pedals Waterfall. But $300 seems a little steep for you, the fact that these can be picked up under $40 is a blessing. They definitely blow away the EHX and MXR offerings in my opinion, at a fraction of the price. I do know of people that prefer the earlier DOD460, but I did encounter volume drop issues with that model. If you are looking for a cheap, solid sounding chorus, this is a great choice.