MXR M234 Analog Chorus
MXR M234 Analog Chorus

M234 Analog Chorus , Chorus for Guitar from MXR.

Dlz 12/28/2012

MXR M234 Analog Chorus : Dlz's user review

« Excellent »

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Pedal in "nano" format (see nano clone - the same size as a phase 90), with standard power supply, so it fits well on a pedalboard.

Despite its reduced size, you have plenty of settings, especially those that make a difference: Low and high.


The pedal comes with a manual including settings examples, it's very nice to understand the new characteristic settings of the pedal (low and high).

These two controls that allow you to EQ the signal are really well-achieved, once you get used to them, you miss them on all other chorus pedals.

This mini-EQ allows you to get a somber chorus (wonderful for clean sounds) or a more brilliant one (very '80s), which suits distorted sounds well; fiddling with the other controls you can get "the" desired chorus and some other advantages.

The rest are classic controls (level-rate-depth), it's plug and play.


The sound quality is really good, especially at this price point.

I wasn't a big fan of chorus effects (I'm more into flanger/phaser), but I wanted something that worked fine with clean sounds and I picked this chorus, which made me change my mind regarding chorus effects.

As a result, I invested on the Maxon CS-9 (which is supposed to be the ultimate chorus in pedal form) and it disappointed me, because even though it has a good sound, it's different, but not better than the MXR chorus and the MXR chorus has the "low" control that allows you to get fabulous chorus effects with clean sounds.

One last argument in favor of the MXR (compared to the CS-9) is that it is also convincing with distorted sounds. I always thought that modulation for distorted sounds meant flanger/phaser, but the MXR made me eat my words..

To sum it up, the sound quality of this MXR is excellent, it has a very "neutral" sound, less particular, with much less character than the EHX, but it's not bad for a chorus.


I've been using this pedal for one and a half years.

As I said before, I was able to compare it to a Maxon CS-9 and I chose the MXR for my pedalboard (I also kept the CS-9, which I use from time to time for a change, but the MXR always keeps coming back to my pedalboard).

I also have a NANO CLONE, which is very particular and I don't quite like (it colors sound too much).

If, like me, you don't like the big, intrusive chorus from the '80s, the MXR is very interesting. It's a chorus that can be very deep while remaining relatively discreet in terms of coloration.

The M234 is a very good pedal I can recommend. Thanks to its low control it allows you to get fabulous chorus with clean sounds (especially together with a delay). And it's also the chorus pedal I've found most usable with distorted sounds.