Radial Engineering Bones Vienna Chorus
Radial Engineering Bones Vienna Chorus

Bones Vienna Chorus, Chorus for Guitar from Radial Engineering in the Bones series.

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victhebig 10/18/2010

Radial Engineering Bones Vienna Chorus : victhebig's user review

«  average, poor »

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Chorus said analog
connectors in, out, 9-12V jack adapter



more complicated than two switches, two chorus effects, stacking
two modes (normal and turbo).
In all this at least four combinations, carving with the four knobs by Depth and Rate corresponding to the two effects chorus.


I went to my shop with a copy of the Small Clone-tonepad.com), welded by my personal care.

After comparisons: my pedal bypass alone was the sound richer and stronger.
The Radial: Chow fourth frequency ... Therefore not a true thru-bypass!

The effect of the Vienna Chorus: not bad, reminiscent of Japan Boss Chorus.
The effect of my Clone: a fist in the face, that envelope, it is chilling.

Conclusion: Radial pedal totally lacking in midrange tape down, and may render inaudible your instrument as much as deactivated activated!


Tried for 15 minutes in specialized stores,
I must say it was inspiring.
I will buy not a pedal with its low for 169 euros hahaha

So look elsewhere, or do you own your pedals! A pedal